5 Medical Travel Myths Shattered

Each passing year, the market for medical tourism increases, but along with it, myths and rumors about medical travel also take center stage. When the myths about the reality of medical tourism begin to circulate, people become wary of selecting the option...

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Elective surgery in Mexico

Mexico is quickly becoming the favorite destination for medical travel from the United States and Canada. Due to medical insurance requirements and limited coverage for elective surgery many are seriously considering a more economical solution south of the...

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Rejuvenation treatments in Mexico

Rejuvenation treatments are among the most sought after medical procedures available to those who are discovering the benefits of medical travel. Physicians in Mexico are known for providing safe, professional and inexpensive treatments to those who are...

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Thinking medical travel? Consider Chapala

Medical travel is on the lips of Americans and others looking for affordable health care in nearby countries. Considering the excellent reports from patients who are thrilled with the results of their surgery and other medical treatments in Mexico many are...

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Email from a patient’s wife

He came all the way down from Canada because he was not getting a diagnosis or treatment to alleviate his severe pain. Hello Dr. Hernandez, My name is Melissa and I am Randy Glasel's wife.  I wanted to write you and offer you my most sincere thank you for...

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Bilingual Physician in Mexico

Mexico is the nearest country to the US and Canada that offers cost-effective medical treatment. With the increasing numbers of foreign visitors there is a greater need for physicians in Mexico to be bilingual. The good news is that the vast majority of...

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