Weight problems Bariatric Surgery Chapala MedObesity is a growing concern for many in developed countries. Diabetes and cardiovascular risks associated with weight problems are prompting many to look for permanent solutions after dieting and exercise have failed to give results. Bariatric surgery is becoming a very popular solution and many are seeking this procedure in Mexico.  Why?  The average cost for Bariatric surgery in the United States is twenty-two thousand dollars and the wait time in Canada ranges from three to ten years. Mexico offers immediate attention for less than ten thousand dollars.

The high standards of physicians and surgeons in Mexico and the modern, well equipped hospitals in Mexico makes the choice easy for medical tourists looking for a lasting solution to their weight problems.  Bariatric surgery is a life altering surgery in which weight lose is achieved by reducing the size of the stomach which curbs the appetite and impedes over eating. There are several options available in Mexico for those who opt for bariatric surgery.

  1. Gastric bypass surgery.- an irreversible procedure that attaches the small intestine to a small stomach pouch leaving the better part of the stomach unused.
  2. Vertical sleeve gastrectomy.- is also irreversible as a most of the stomach is removed.
  3. Adjustable or laparoscopic banding.- this procedure is reversible. This surgery involves placing a silicone and silastic band around the top of the stomach, which procedure reduces the amount of food consumed.

Mexico offers all these up to date bariatric procedures by either laparoscopic surgery or by the open method. Laparoscopic surgery is often preferred because it is minimally invasive in that it is accomplished with only four or five small incisions causing minimal tissue damage and quicker recovery time.  The open method on the other hand makes a larger fifteen centimetre (six inch) incision in the abdomen. After consulting with a qualified physician in a medical clinic in Mexico a series of medical tests will be performed to optimize your health for safe surgery. State of the art equipment in modern laboratories and hospitals are equipped to perform ultrasounds, blood tests, cardiac imaging, stress tests, gastroscopy tests, colonoscopies and H Pylori bacteria tests. Some or all of these tests may be necessary prior to surgery. After assessing the specific needs of the patient and deciding on the right surgery the physician will direct the medical traveler to one of the many qualified surgeons available in Mexico.

Those who chose to travel to Mexico for their bariatric surgery are pleased to find that many of the surgeons have had schooling not only in Mexico, but abroad, in Europe and the United States. Depending on the type of surgery the recovery time may be very quick or a bit longer. Hospitals and medical clinics are well staffed to care for all the recovery needs. Mexico provides a very practical and safe option for those who are looking for a permanent solution to their weight related health problems with bariatric surgery.

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