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Cancer is devastating. Any person who has lost a loved one to cancer knows how hard it is to watch them wither away in pain. Oncology (cancer) research has been an ongoing topic for many medical centers and there has been much progress in treating it. Educated patients who are suffering from cancer are now making their way towards Mexico as news about a breakthrough in oncology research has come to light.

Cancer is among the leading causes of death worldwide, with approximately 14 million new cases and 8.2 million cancer related deaths reported in 2012. It is also expected that annual cancer cases will rise from 14 million in 2012 to 22 million within the next 2 decades. With such a dismal state of the world, it is easy to lose hope. Cancer ravages the body and it is not easy to see a loved one become a ghost of who they were. Even if a patient survives, they have to go through months of chemotherapy which destroys the immune system, wreaking havoc on a person’s physique.

Research institutes in Mexico have been working overtime to find new ways to treat all the different sites of cancer and to give hope to the people. Mexico has been on top with cancer research and is now experimenting with many treatments of cancer which have saved numerous lives. Cancer costs are likely to reach at least $158 billion by 2020, and with the way the economy is falling, there can never be enough funds to prepare for the worst. Mexico offers immediate attention for an affordable price.

Cancer treatments in Mexico

Treatments such as immunotherapy, electro-hypothermia and fever therapy have all become very popular in cancer therapy, and in Mexico, clinics and hospitals are offering treatments of the same quality but at a lower cost. The reason many hospitals in Mexico charge comparatively less is that, while countries like U.S. or Canada are overbooked with patients, Mexico is just beginning to make its way into the medical world and with people discovering its value, they are slowly but surely making their way for better medical treatment. Many clinics also offer in-house treatment which means that unlike hospitals which are filled, you can get a room at a clinic for an affordable price.

Breakthroughs are being made by oncologists, and are being employed along with immunotherapy and other treatments. Another therapy, known as ‘Art Therapy’, which is a play on psychology, has been known to give a distinct improvement for patients. Art therapy allows the patients to express themselves through art such as writing, drawing, painting, etc, allowing them to express their fears, worries, or concerns about their disease.

Another therapy which is very effective is homeotherapy. Mistletoe is now being used in many treatments and has been known to have beneficial effects while on chemotherapy by strengthening their immune system.

Cancer is a costly disease as well, but for those who want to travel overseas, Mexico provides the opportunity for them to not only make it a holiday for some soul-searching but also for them to search for a second chance on life without giving up due to cost.




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