Medical Procedures Chapala MedMexico is one of the most popular places for medical travel to receive various treatments. The country boasts 112 hospitals with seven accredited by the International Joint Commission and 105 accredited by the Federal Ministry of Health. Mexico receives visits from tourists all over the world, but majority of their travelers come from the United States.

It was reported in 2013, between 200,000 and 1.1 million medical travelers went to Mexico to receive medical treatments. Each year, it is estimated that 50,000 Americans cross the border for dental work, as its much cheaper there than in their own country. Dental work is only one of many medical treatments that Mexico specializes in. Medical travelers also visit Mexico for the following five treatments:

1.    Rebuilt Your Smile

For medical tourists that need dental work, but cannot afford it in their own country make their way down to Mexico. Medical travelers from all over the United States and Canada come to Mexico to get dentures, bridge, crown, and root canal, amongst other dental procedures. Since labor and real estate is quite inexpensive in Mexico, dentists are able to offer medical travelers a reduced price. For most medical travelers, this is an economically friendly option to pick if they ever need to perform more work on perfecting their smile.

2.    Lose the Inches

With obesity and overweight becoming a widespread issue, weight loss surgery remains one of the most sought out treatments amongst medical travelers. The findings of the survey conducted by the Intuition Communication through their Treatment Abroad subsidiary reported that 97% of the medical travelers said that they would go abroad again to get treatments. On the same site, a survey indicated that 32% of the medical travelers traveled to Mexico to receive bariatric or weight loss surgery.

3.    Replace the Hip

Hip replacement surgery involves the doctor removing a painful hip joint and replacing it with an artificial joint. This is a last resort that doctors recommend a patient to undergo when all previous treatments to heal it fails.

However, hip replace surgery is an expensive procedure, but in Mexico, the procedure is affordable. For instance, hip replacement surgery in the United States can cost a person up to 42,000.

Even if medical insurance covers about 32,000, the patient will need to shell out $10,000 from their own pocket. In Mexico, the whole procedure including the doctor’s fee and room charges would cost a person $10,000. For this reason, patients from all over the world seek foreign countries for their medical treatments, as it is cheaper and does not compromise on quality.

4.    Cosmetic Purposes

Although some people will advise you against going to a foreign country to get cosmetic surgery in the fear that it will be botched, it is not true. If you visit a doctor without conducting prior research, chances are the results will not be as you expected them to be, regardless of the country. Furthermore, negative cases get more exposure than positive ones. According to the ISAPS 2013, 11,599,336 people visited Mexico to receive cosmetic procedures.

5.    Replace the Knee

Knee replacement surgery is also regarded as an expensive treatment to receive in western countries. Just like hip replacement surgery, medical travelers will be able to afford the surgery in Mexico, performed by qualified professionals.

Medical travelers looking for an option near their country can travel to Mexico or any other country of their choice.

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