Erectile Dysfunction Chapala Med Those who choose medical travel to Mexico will be pleased to find physicians who are fully qualified to help men who suffer from sexual impotency and erectile dysfunction.

Intimate health problems are often hard to talk about and preconceived, erroneous thinking often hinders men from expressing the true nature of their condition. Men who investigate the possibility of medical travel are comforted by the knowledge that physicians in Mexico are known for their companionate bed side manner and the personal interest they take in their patients. Those who are concerned about their sexual performance seldom pay attention to the fact the erectile failure sometimes covers deeper medical problems.

Experienced doctors are careful to check the general health of the patient to identify the true cause of the erectile dysfunctions, the inability to achieve or sustain and erection suitable for sexual intercourse.  Common myths fool men into believing that it is a normal part of getting old and that younger men never suffer from this problem or if they do, they are not really attracted to their partner. Worse, many have come to believe that it is not dangerous. The truth is that sexual impotency can be a sign of several other serious underlying health issues. Erectile dysfunction can be an early warning sign of heart problems. Understanding the link may help the patient get the proper treatment before the problems become too serious.

A qualified physician can identify if the problem is related to the hardening of the arteries, a buildup of plaques in the body. The smaller arteries in the penis are among the first to be affected by this condition as the plaque reduces the blood flow and erection becomes difficult. Treating this health problem can prevent other potentially fatal diseases including aneurysm, stroke and heart disease. Other health issues can also adversely affect the sexual performance.

Diabetes is also known to restrict blood flow and cause erectile dysfunctions. Neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis and hormonal imbalances are among the serious illnesses that can contribute to the problem.  Besides these possibilities the physician will examine the lifestyle, habits and the medications and the medical history of the patient.  Blood pressure, anxiety and depression medications can affect the patient’s ability to have an erection as can prior prostrate and bladder surgeries.  Treating addictions like alcohol and smoking or identifying and dealing with problems like stress, anxiety and depression can bring relief to men who may feel that their masculinity has permanently been lost.

Physicians in Mexico are experienced in detecting and diagnosing the underlying causes of sexual impotency and erectile dysfunctions. They are also qualified to treat the various general health issues, emotional disorders and addictions that may be related to these men’s problems.  Medical travel opens the door to more options, services and professional medical care when economy is issue and privacy is desirable. Mexico is a beautiful and close to home; the perfect place to find solution to a very personal and potentially serious problem.

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