Physicial care Chapala Med How important to you is the personal interest shown by your physician? Do you find that your money seems to be the most important factor to him?  How far would you go to find a doctor who really cares about you? More importantly how far does your physician go to show he really cares?

While the prices of treatment for medical practice soar in the United States, many have found reliable, reasonably priced medical care south of the border in Mexico. Medical travel is becoming more popular as people discover that the physicians in Mexico are well trained experts in their field. To the surprise and delight of many who have ventured to Mexico for their medical treatments, patients are discovering something that they have often found lacking lately in their doctors back home; personal interest.

Just how important is personal interest and kindness in healthcare? Many feel that competence in a doctor outweighs kindness in the treatment of patients. The truth is that competence and kindness must go hand in hand to properly care for the needs of a patient. If you ask anyone who is seriously ill, they will confirm that the personal interest, kindness and sensitivity of their physician help them to cope with fear, panic and the indignity of their illness. It comforts them.

Kindness and personal interest help healing.  Besides that, the compassionate treatment of a physician can ease anxiety a patient feels when making important and weighty healthcare decisions. In the United States sixty four percent of the population has experienced unkind behavior in the healthcare setting. In a recent survey many said they would be willing to pay more and travel farther to find a physician who would give them personal interest and treat them kindly and with compassion. So how do the physicians in Mexico stack up?  In many clinics transportation to and from the airport and accommodations for the duration of the treatment are provided. The doctors not only diagnose the problem, but kindly recommend the best possible treatment and personally help the patient through the procedure. Take for example the doctors at the Chapala Med medical center in Guadalajara, Mexico.  Some of our patients say:

“Dr. Santiago detected cardiac changes…..and drove her up to a hospital in Guadalajara”

“I needed a pacemaker ASAP…Doctor Hernandez arranged, through the cardiologist that I have the procedure done…that very weekend….He was there for me every step of the way.  My Spanish is only passable and he was with me through the various procedures in Guadalajara and even the operation itself, which was very re-assuring.”

“I can’t say enough about his expertise, diagnostic skills and genuine caring for his patients.”

“When Dr. Hernandez had a heart to heart with me, I said, “when do we do this?…Next Dr. Hernandez, himself, arranged for me to meet him at his office and he personally drove me to the plastic surgeon’s office…”

Besides excellent, up-to-date, competent care, patients who look for affordable medical treatment in Mexico are increasingly discovering that the physicians in Mexico show kindness, compassion and personal interest in their every need. It is well worth the trip.

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