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Although medical travel has gained popular attraction over the last twenty years, the idea is not a new concept. For over 200 years people in England have visited Spas and Coastal towns, believing that natural spring waters and the sea air was good to help with certain complaints, in particular bronchitis and other breathing problems. In recent times, though, people have travelled to receive medical treatments for all manner of reasons including plastic surgery, neurosurgery and cardiology.

There is still some stigma attached to medical travel. This is fundamentally due to certain mainstream media outlets reporting seeking medical treatment overseas is controversial or even morally wrong. The media of course are batting for their own countries health centres in the political arena thus distort the true facts. The truth about medical travel is that it is more beneficial for both the patient and the country if origin where patients seek treatment.

Medical travel is very popular in Mexico

Two factors have led to the increase in popularity and of medical tourism, particularly in Europe and with US citizens visiting Mexico. In the US, the principal reason is the increasing costs of medical care and the lack of confidence in the controversial Obamacare policies. The other problem patients in the US face are long waiting lists.

Travelling to another county for treatment through an organised medical travel operator includes travel and accommodation costs, and the entire package will still cost less than patients would ordinarily pay if they were treated locally. Some reports show that patents from the US and Canada are saving around 25% of the total cost and get a holiday out of the experience.

Some media reports have speculated that seeking medical attention in poorer countries means you will receive a lower quality of treatment. The argument is that because it costs less the level of professional is not up to western standards. This of course has been proven to be nonsense as a large portion of physicians in Mexico were either trained in US Universities or are US citizens who have relocated south of the border.

 Affordable medical travel

The true facts are that the cost of medical care is cheaper in non-capitalist countries despite their facilities, equipment and standard of medical care being as every bit as good as medical facilities in so-called developed countries. However, it is best practice to follow the correct channels when undertaking medical travel to ensure you find a reputable physician with recommended facilities.

Many countries around the world offer viable, safe opportunities for medical travel. Mexico is growing in popularity as the first choice for both dentistry and plastic surgery, as well as for other medical requirements. The excellent medical staff, cheap costs and ease of travel has even seen some US born medical practitioners relocate there to take advantage of the growing market.

Due to the growing reputation of healthcare facilities and the high standards set by Mexican physicians, medical travel in Mexico is also attracting patients from Canada and the UK.

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