Rejuvenation Chapala MedRejuvenation treatments are among the most sought after medical procedures available to those who are discovering the benefits of medical travel. Physicians in Mexico are known for providing safe, professional and inexpensive treatments to those who are unwilling to submit to the demands of time on our bodies.

As we grow older the lines on our faces deepen our eyes tend to hollow out and our cheeks sink exposing our age long before we are ready to admit it. Which treatment is best for you? There are several options available for those who desire to maintain the youthful appearance that reflects what they still feel inside.

Among the most popular are Botox and Dermal fillers such as Restyane and Juvederm.  Just what is the difference? Botox is the brand name of a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Doctors have been successfully treating wrinkles and facial creases with Botox for years. The Botox blocks the signals from the nerves to the muscles so that the muscles cannot contract. This makes the creases relax and soften.  This treatment is frequently used to reduce frown lines, crow’s feet around the eyes and forehead lines.

Botox treatments only take a few minutes and don’t require anesthesia. It is injected with a fine needle and only causes minor discomfort. It gradually takes effect over three to seven days and will last for up to six months. With each successive treatment the wrinkles will become less severe as the muscles are trained to relax. Botox is not effective on wrinkles that are caused by sun damage or gravity.  In these instances the physician may recommend dermal fillers like Restylane or Juvederm. These dermal fillers are clear liquid gels made up of non-animal based hyaluronic acid, a natural sugar compound.

While Botox relaxes the muscles to allow the lines to soften, dermal fillers actually replace lost volume and restore a more youthful contour to the face. These fillers are biodegradable which means they will be gradually be broken down and absorbed by the body. As the gel is completely absorbed and disappears unnoticed into the body the body replaces it with water. The type of filler will depend on the specific need of the patient. Besides smoothing wrinkles and worry lines these fillers are used to sculpt the features of the face.  Lips, cheeks and under the eyes are plumped up to rejuvenate the overall appearance of patient.

One of the benefits of dermal fillers is that the results are immediate and last from six to eighteen months depending on the injection and the product used. Although this treatment may cause initial bruising the results tend to improve over time as the gel settles. Touch up sessions are recommended at about four to six months after the initial treatment. Insurance plans in Canada and the United states do not generally cover the cost of these rejuvenation treatments and the cost inhibits many from seeking these treatments in their own country. Experienced physicians in Mexico offer professional recommendations and treatments for those who want to preserve their youthful appearance at affordable rates.

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