University of Chicago Partnership 

UCM Medicine Chapala Med
Chapala Med is pleased to announce our partnership with the University of Chicago Hospital.
Together, we pledge to bring the very latest advancements in medicine to our patients.


Highlights of
Clinical Centers of Excellence

Comprehensive Cancer Center:
  • One of only two NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers in Illinois
  • Recognized by the Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI®), an affiliate of the American Society of Clinical Oncology
Stem Cell Transplant Program:
  • National leader in transplant for leukemia, lymphoma and non-malignant diseases; we have the largest, most experienced stem cell transplant program in Chicago with more than twenty transplant physicians and a combined 200 years of expertise

  • Adult and pediatric shared programs perform more than 170 transplants per year

CAR T-Cell Therapy:
  • UChicago Medicine is the first and only certified CAR T-cell treatment center in Illinois

HIPEC (Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemoperfusion) Surgery:
  • Our HIPEC team is one of the most experienced in the nation, and one of just a few locations that offers the treatment to children and adults.

Lung Cancer Program:
  • More experience than any other Illinois hospital using the latest, less invasive option to detect lung cancer with superDimension inReach™ System or autofluorescence bronchoscopy

  • Our board-certified thoracic (chest) surgeons are especially skilled at using the latest minimally invasive techniques, such as video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) for early stage cancers

Advanced Gynecological Cancer Program:
  • One of the key participants in the Gynecologic Oncology Group (GOG), which does more gynecologic cancer research than any other organization in the United States

  • Dr. Lengyel, Chairman of Department of OB/GYN, is able to remove all the tumors from 80% of his patients, while the national average is 45%. 70 % of his patients with ovarian cancer live more than 5 years, while the national average is 30%.

Head and Neck Cancer Program:
  • One of the busiest in the country, seeing several hundred patients each year

Neuroblastoma Program:
  • Led by Susan Cohn, MD, one of the nation’s foremost authorities on neuroblastoma

  • Treatments for patients who have neuroblastoma that does not respond to standard treatment or that recurs

  • Treatments include: Clinical trials of new drug therapies; Immunotherapy (also called biologic therapy); Stem cell transplantation; I131-MIBG therapy

Transplant Institute:
  • UChicago Medicine is a world leader in transplantation

  • Since the first human transplant was performed here, we have performed more than
    2,500 kidney transplants, 400 pancreas transplants, 1,600 liver transplants, and 300
    heart transplants

  • Our medical center is also home to one of the nation’s premier lung transplant teams,
    and is among the select few hospitals in the nation that is actively studying the
    effectiveness of islet transplantation to treat advanced type 1 diabetes

  • We’re also internationally known for multi-organ transplants, having been the first to
    perform a successful heart-liver-kidney transplant

Heart Transplant:
  • World leader in multi-organ transplants (Heart – Kidney, Heart – Liver, Heart – Pancreas,
    Heart – Liver – Kidney)

  • World leader in bloodless heart transplantation

  • Only center in the world who developed and have access to NuPulse iVAS (minimally invasive pulsatile mechanical assist system)

  • One of the highest transplant rates and lowest mortality on the transplant wait list in the country

  • One of the shortest time to transplant in the country

Robotic Surgery Program:
  • Robotic Cardiac Surgery: Dr. Husam Balkhy, Director of Robotic Cardiac Surgery is one of only a handful surgeons in the world with extensive experience in performing robotic totally endoscopic beating heart coronary bypass grafting (TECAB)

  • Robotic Urologic Surgery: Our urologic program is one of the largest and most experienced in robotic-assisted surgeries in the country and is among the top 10 programs in the world. Our surgeons are able to perform about 90 percent of all urologic abdominal surgeries using robotic/laparoscopic technics

  • Pediatric Robotic Urological Surgery: Dr. Gundeti, Director of Pediatric Urology, is also among the top 5 pediatric robotic urologists in the nation for case experience

  • Robotic OB/GYN Surgeries are available for myomectomy, hysterectomy for fibroids and other benign indications, sacrocolpopexy, vesicovaginal fistula repair, hysterectomy and lymphadenectomy for different types of gynecologic cancer

  • Robotic Colorectal Surgeries for rectal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, proctectomy, and pelvic surgery.

Sports Medicine:
  • UChicago Medicine is the official medical partner of WNBA’s Chicago Sky

  • Dr. Sherwin Ho, Director of Sports Medicine, is the Head Team Physician of China Women’s National Volley Ball Team and helped the team win the Gold Medal at the 2016 Olympic Games

Total Pancreatectomy with Islet Auto-transplantation (PT-IAT):
  • U Chicago Medicine is one of a handful of hospitals in the country to offer total pancreatectomy with islet cell auto-transplantation (autologous islet cell transplantation), a procedure aimed at preventing diabetes or reducing its effects after removal of the pancreas due to pancreatitis

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