Elective Surgery Operating Room Chapala MedMexico is quickly becoming the favorite destination for medical travel from the United States and Canada. Due to medical insurance requirements and limited coverage for elective surgery many are seriously considering a more economical solution south of the border.

When referring to ‘elective surgery’ some imagine only plastic or bariatric surgery, and although many seek this type of surgery in Mexico, elective surgery includes much more. The word elective implies optional, something you may want but don’t need, but the term ‘elective surgery’ refers to any surgery or surgical procedure that can be planned in advance. It can refer to any surgery that is not done in an emergency situation, whether simpler procedures like tonsillectomies and tubal ligation to prevent pregnancy or musculoskeletal surgery like hip or knees replacements and cardiovascular surgery which includes angioplasty or putting in a pacemaker. These procedures may not immediately save the patient’s life but they can greatly improve the quality of life and prevent potential life threatening situations in the future, even if they are considered ‘elective surgeries.

Beside elective surgeries that may extend or improve the quality of life physically, there are elective surgeries that improve the quality of life psychologically. These include cosmetic and reconstructive procedures such as facelifts, tummy tucks or nose surgeries and bariatric surgery to help promote weight loss.

Although these surgeries may not benefit the patient in a medical sense, psychologically they can raise the patients self esteem and make them feel happier about their overall appearance. Since all of these procedures are elective and do not need to be preformed immediately, medical travelers have time to carefully select their destination.

Long wait lists in Canada and insurance issues in the United States have enticed many to consider elective surgery in Mexico. Mexico has quickly modernized its medical community to accommodate the influx of medical travelers who expect and demand the high quality medical services provided in their home counties. While the surgeon performs the actual surgery a physician is required to do any diagnostic and radiological testing, confirm the diagnosis and assist the surgeon in planning the surgical procedure.  The physician is also responsible for taking a complete medical history, a physical examination and any laboratory tests that need to be administered before the operation.

Experienced physicians and surgeons in Mexico, offer safe, modern procedures with state of the art equipment in clean professional facilities.  They are known for their caring bedside manner and the personal interest they show in their patients. It is also reassuring to those who seek surgery in Mexico that many physicians and surgeons there have degrees both in the United States and in Mexico. Depending on the elective surgery being preformed, thought must be given to the aftercare and recovery time needed.  

The surgeons and physicians in Mexico will provide as much information as possible before the procedure and help arrange any post operative care needed while in the country and instructions to follow back home. The happy results of those who have experienced elective surgery in Mexico have established that country as a desirable destination for medical travel.

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