Bilingual physician - Dr. Hernandez Chapala MedMexico is the nearest country to the US and Canada that offers cost-effective medical treatment. With the increasing numbers of foreign visitors there is a greater need for physicians in Mexico to be bilingual. The good news is that the vast majority of medical staff working as physicians in Mexico are bilingual.

Indeed, many physicians that are native to Mexico actually received their education in the United States and have an excellent command of the English language together with an understanding of the cultural differences.  You will also find many English speaking doctors that have relocated to Mexico to work in state of the art clinics that are used for medical travel; basically finding a physician in Mexico who speaks english won’t be hard.

Hospitals and other health care institutions that provide medical treatment for overseas patients favour English speaking physicians because bringing in medical interpreters is too expensive. There are also a handful of hospitals in Mexico where the majority of surgeons are US Board Certified, some whom are still actively practicing in the US.

The number of bilingual physicians in Mexico is more appealing than other South American countries such as Brazil. When undergoing medical treatment it is vitally important that communication between doctor and patient is fully understood. Although it might be difficult to find English speaking doctors in outlying areas, facilities in major cities all employ bilingual staff. There’s well known hospitals in all major cities as well as in smaller ones with a high immigrant population.

English speaking Mexicans

It is not difficult to find Mexicans that speak English in general. In the education system, at least one foreign language is compulsory in every school. Although students are given a choice, the majority choose English over French and ancient Mexican languages such as Tzotzil.

Mexico’s booming tourism industry over the last thirty years has raised the awareness for the need to learn English as a second language. Given that English is also being adopted as a universal business language ambitious young students recognize the key to success is by learning English. As a result visitors to Mexico do not encounter many problems with the language barrier.

Indeed, when you choose to have medical treatment in Mexico the likelihood is you will come face to face with English speaking staff in your hotel, restaurants, taxi drivers and shops. You will certainly be treated by bilingual physicians in Mexican medical centers.



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