Our Clinic

Our Mission

Our medical team and staff pledge to you that we will provide purposeful medical care catered to the purpose of your lives.

”We pledge to preserve our humility, integrity, and all the values which brought us to the practice of medicine. We will engage in honest self-reflection, striving for excellence but acknowledging our limitations, and caring for ourselves as we care for others. We will seek to heal the whole person, rather than merely treat disease, committing to a partnership with our patients that empowers them and demonstrates empathy and respect. We will cure sometimes, treat often, and comfort always.” (University of Minnesota Medical School)

We will always provide purpose-driven medical care to provide our patients with compassionate care that will allow them to enjoy the optimal quality of life through maintenance or improvement of their current level of independence.

Our Vision

Since its inception Chapala Med has striven to set the benchmark for what primary care should ideally be. Our network of doctors and healthcare providers are all highly trained in their areas of expertise and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence and ethics when it comes to providing care to our patients.

We will focus on every aspect of your health in order to stratify your level of risk for the most common ailments that may affect you based on your personal, medical and family history thereby providing tailored guidance on disease prevention and healthcare catered to the values you hold dear at each stage of your life.

As part of the  RIBERA MEDICAL CENTER hospital health network, Chapala Med will be the bridge back to your normal life in the event of hospitalization. Our departments of rehabilitation, nursing and palliative healthcare providers will provide you with support, guidance and counseling when you need it most.

The Lakeside community and the expat community of the Guadalajara metropolitan area can continue to count on Chapala Med to provide medical care without language or cultural barriers to our patients who are native-speakers of English. We also of course will continue to maintain the best medical record system as we have since our practice’s inception.

Our Facilities

To visit the website for our clinic in Guadalajara, click HERE.

We are pleased to offer outstanding health care at three locations in Chapala Lakeside:


Chapala (Ajijic)

Libramiento Chapala-Ajijic No. 132 Int.
21 Plaza Interlago
Ajijic, Jalisco, 45922
Next to Lake Taco

Telephone: (376) 766-4435
Cel: (333) 950-9414
Urgent: (331) 605-9645

Take a virtual tour of our Chapala Med offices:

Chapala Med II (Riberas)

Chapala Med II offices

Hidalgo #244
Riberas del Pilar
Ajijic, Jalisco 45920

Telephone: (376) 688-1244

Chapala Med III (Joco) – COMING SOON

Senderos del Lago
Jocotepec, Jalisco

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