Expats health Chapala MedExpats health care: With retirement right around the corner it is time to think about the cost of living. Many have come to realize that retiring abroad is far more economical than retiring at home, and like many before them, they are considering Mexico as their retirement paradise. Yes, some expats in Mexico have come to work for U.S., Mexican and foreign companies while others come temporarily as snow birds in the winter months to enjoy the warmer weather; but retirement is fast becoming one of the greatest reasons for crossing the border to Mexico.

As with all major decisions, investigation is necessary. Even being healthy at the present time, a pressing question will always be: what about health care? It is of interest to note that besides the positive reports from expats already in the country, many who have chosen medical travel to Mexico have come back with positive testimonials regarding the medical care they have received from the physicians in Mexico.

Top rate doctors and dentists attend to their patients in clean, modern clinics and hospitals with state of the art equipment. Many of the physicians in México have been trained and are receiving ongoing training in the United States. This is a comfort on two levels; first for those who are concerned about the expertise of the physicians who will be attending to their needs and second the issue of the language barrier is eliminated.

Quality medical care is available for every health issue, even serious medical conditions that require surgery or ongoing treatments like dialysis. Although the cost  may vary from doctor to doctor or clinic to clinic (and depending on the seriousness of the ailment), you can expect to get excellent care at a fraction of the cost back home.

The physicians in Mexico are well known for the personal interest they take in their patients and will even make house calls when necessary. The cost of hospital stays and in-home nursing care are also well within the reach of many who would never be able to afford the same facilities in their home country. Prescription drugs are, on average, about half the price of those in the United States. For those who prefer it, health insurance in México also costs much less than in the United States and several come with good recommendations by satisfied users who have posted their experiences on MexConnect.com. Also available for a low annual fee to those holding a visa card is IMSS, the Mexican social security system. It includes an extensive country wide health care system that offers free outpatient clinics, hospitals and drugs.

With the question of health care answered the attraction of the relaxed, laid back lifestyle in a tropical paradise in Mexico is certainly alluring to retirees looking to enjoy their golden years abroad.

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