Dear Dr. Hernández,

I just wanted to put our appreciation of all that happened to us while visiting your beautiful city in writing.

Glenn & I were both treated with utmost care and respect while in your clinic and during our hospital stay at Puerta de Hierro Sur. If one had to have this experience, it was an excellent one to have.

Your staff at your clinic were wonderful and very helpful, from guiding us to the x-ray clinic and then squeezing us into your busy schedule, we were very grateful.

At the hospital, we were met by a concierge, Joe, who was with us as a translator for the entire time we required him. He was always pleasant and available to us. The nursing staff, even though there were sometimes a language barrier, did an amazing job taking care of both Glenn and myself, and thanks to Google Translate and Joe we did just fine. They all came with smiles on their faces and were very willing to help when needed. Glenn and I both felt he was well looked after and trusted them fully.

Dr. Barba (Orthopedic Surgeon) was so sweet and caring with his pleasant smile and frequent visits to check on Glenn. He did an amazing job of putting Glenn back together again after his unfortunate fracture to his shoulder and arm. The incision was clean, the sutures came out easily, and I’m sure Glenn won’t have much of a scar.

The cardiologist, I apologize but we cannot remember his name, was also very kind and did testing to ensure Glenn was ready for surgery.

Lastly, we can’t express how grateful we are to you, Dr. Hernández, for all you did for both Glenn and I. You were there for us when we were most vulnerable, you checked up on us at the hospital several times in our short visit, and you kindly followed up on Glenn post operatively. Your knowledge and mannerisms made us feel very much at ease and we very quickly trusted being in your care.

We are truly grateful… please pass on our kindest regards to those mentioned including your staff. Their behaviour is a reflection of your own kindness. It always starts at the top. So, thank you for being who you are!

Glenn and I both will feel very comfortable being in Mexico, to have you there if and when we ever need medical attention again.

Our sincere blessings to all of you.

And our kindest regards

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