Surgery in Mexico Chapala MedSurgery in Mexico: I had breast augmentation 38 years ago. I was one among many women who were the first to do such a procedure. The implants were manufactured by Dow Corning, the first company to product the devices. I was told that there was only 20 years experience with these implants and that after that, “We just don’t know.”  I went ahead with the procedure. I loved, loved, loved the results and have never looked back. Due to the short life experience with these implants, they eventually started to rupture and many, many women sued the manufacture, who paid billions in claims, putting the company in bankruptcy. Since then research has revealed that the implants did not and do not cause the medical problems claimed by these women, however, it is advised to have them replaced. Science has now developed safer versions, there are many manufacturers producing them and it has become a very common procedure. Just take a look at the internet and you’ll see your favorite stars with enhanced breasts. I was told that my implants had ruptured before moving to Mexico and that replacement was recommended. Dr. Hernandez was unaware of the leakage, but as a routine examination for my medical file, he sent me to Guadalajara for a sonogram which revealed my “problem.” He called me into his office and we discussed “what to do.” I had been aware of the rupture for some time, but hated the idea of another surgery. So far nothing I could detect was affecting my health. Being from the U.S., insurance companies say, “Tough cookies” when it comes to most plastic surgery procedures and the cost is out of sight. But living in Mexico where insurance companies don’t rule the roost, those procedures are more affordable and when Dr. Hernandez had a heart to heart with me, I said, “When do we do this?” I also contacted my original plastic surgeon and copied Dr. Hernandez on all e-mails so as not to keep anything from him. That doctor said, “Most likely nothing will ever happen, but replacement is a good idea, just to be on the safe side.” While still in his office, he immediately contacted a plastic surgeon he works with who specializes in body work. An appointment was arranged along with a stress cardiogram, which is necessary for the pre-op work up. Dr. Hernandez recommended a reliable driver who took me to the cardiologist. Next Dr. Hernandez, himself, arranged for me to meet him at his office and he personally drove me to the plastic surgeon’s office for my initial consultation and to set a surgery date. I felt very comfortable with the surgeon who answered all my questions to my satisfaction. I had to smile when in his office as his desk is covered with removed implants……lots of them. So, yes, I guess he is experienced. -Anonymous

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