Dr Hernandez Chapala MedAccording to a survey conducted by Deloitte, US spending on surgery in Mexico is almost $80 million dollars. Each year, millions of patients from North America and the UK travel to Mexico to undergo surgery and Deloitte estimates that figure will continue to climb  in the upcoming coming years. So why do patients from western climates choose Latin America and what type of surgery in Mexico do westerners want?

Weight loss surgery

The most popular surgery in Mexico is for weight loss. Mexico has numerous world-class Bariatric centers offering a range of affordable surgeries specifically designed for people who have issues with their weight. Regardless of whether you need to lose weight, gain weight or control your weight there is a surgery and after-care program that will right you in the long-term. Furthermore, the vast majority of reviews for bariatric surgery in Mexico are positive and many patients recommend the same treatments to their friends.

Cosmetic Surgery

Everybody wants to look their best and thanks to advanced technology and skilled surgeons, cosmetic makeovers have been the ¬†answer to many westerners. Plastic surgery doesn’t have the social stigma it once had, but still carries a hefty price tag in Europe and the United States. Cost may be the ultimate reason why so many US patients choose to undergo cosmetic surgery in Mexico, but as an added bonus they get to show-off their new body in a warm, tropical climate – where they look and feel even better!

Heart Surgery in Mexico

Heart trouble is the greatest cause of death in the US and the UK, but the waiting lists for cardiovascular treatment is too much of a burden for surgeons to cope with. In the UK, 15 patients from one hospital died whilst waiting to undergo heart surgery. In Mexico, there are no waiting lists and if you need to have heart surgery sooner rather than later, arrangements will be made immediately. Medical facilities in Mexico also use the latest state-of-the-art technology and have a very high success rate of performing heart surgery.


Gastroenterology is the examination of digestive problems that affects a person’s eating habits. This type of surgery is popular in Mexico with older US citizens because it is a safe surgery and is far more affordable than the prices they would be charged in the US. There is still some stigma as to the cleanliness and safety of Mexican hospitals, but all the facilities used for medical tourism are certified by the Joint Commission International on behalf of US-based insurance companies. This guarantees that hospitals and clinics in Mexico meet international standards of cleanliness, safety and competence.

Of all the Latin America countries Mexico is an obvious choice for patients from the US, Canada and the UK. Boasting the tenth highest economy in the world, first-class medical centers and highly trained practitioners, surgery in Mexico offers you everything you would find in your home town.

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