Medical Travel Chapala MedPatients beyond Borders describes Mexico as a country that has come a long way in healthcare. The country has established itself as a global medical care hub for people from all walks of life. Mexico’s popularity as the destination for medical care rose when foreigners began to visit to receive dental treatments and cosmetic surgery.

However, now, Mexico is known for offering several types of medical procedures ranging from weight loss surgery, hip replacement surgery, to heart surgery. The country has put themselves in the same league as the other popular Asian countries offering the same medical procedures.

The Range of Medical Treatments Offered in Mexico

Here is a list of medical treatments offered in Mexico, in no particular order:

·     Weight loss treatments such as bariatric, which costs patients 40 to 60 percent less than what they would pay in the United States

·     Americans travel to Mexico to get dentures, bridges, crowns, cleanings, and general visits, as the country borders them

·     Demand for reproductive and fertility treatments have seen a growth as well

·     Ophthalmology

·     Orthopedics

·     Oncology

·     Gastroenterology

·     Cardiology

·     Cosmetic Surgery

Although people from various countries visit Mexico, Americans who use the close proximity of the city to their advantage mostly frequent the country. One of the largest draws to Westerners about Mexico is the low prices for treatments performed by qualified doctors, surgeons, and physicians.

The Affordable Treatments

Most Americans do not have medical insurance to cover the cost of surgery whereas people with medical insurance may not have the cash to cover the cost of the surgery that the medical insurance does not cover. If the need to get a certain treatment is dire, they have to rely on medical travel, visiting another country for the desired treatment.

The people that do come to Mexico for their treatments are looking at the major benefit of saving money. They can expect to pay 30 percent to 50 percent to get the specific treatment. The treatment will cover from everything to the fee of the doctor to the charges of the room. After the surgery, patients can take in the sights of Mexico, as they will have money left to have a mini vacation while they are there.

Furthermore, to be on the safe side, it is advised that you pick a medical facility that has a proven record of administering quality care. One thing you will not have to worry about when you are there is the language, as most doctors and nurses are fluent in English.

Medical travelers thinking of visiting Mexico for their medical travels should research the hospitals in the area to help them pick the best one. They should never decide on a hospital once they get there, but should select one and call them ahead of time before their scheduled visit. Since they are medical travelers, they will be taken in for their treatments immediately, without wait or delay, which is a plus.

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