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Mexico has emerged as a center for quality medical care in the field of oncology. People that are unable to afford cancer treatments frequent the country often. The frequency of medical travel has transformed Mexico’s image, as in the books of U.S. and Canadian residents, it ranks in the top spot.

The country intends to play on that image by sustaining and maintaining their medical industry. So far, they are on the right track, as their medical sector attracts 150,000 to 500,000 medical travelers each year. Medical travelers visiting it for cancer treatments serves as further evidence of the country’s will to become the number one country in the medical tourism sector.

When Cancer Treatments are Expensive in Your Country, Come to Mexico

Mexico’s medical tourism industry is booming and a big credit goes to the highly qualified and experienced doctors practicing there. The medical professionals work in private medical facilities and they are trained in performing various procedures such as bariatric and stem cell therapies, plastic surgery, fertility treatments, orthopedic procedures, and cancer treatments.

Out of all of them, cancer treatment is the newest addition, as it has recently just begun to gain popularity amongst medical travelers. Medical travelers regardless of the amount of wealth they have, come to Mexico to seek cancer treatments in their up-to-date and technologically advanced cancer centers.

For instance, the late actor Steve McQueen went to Mexico to seek medical treatments and so did the son of Max Factor, a cosmetic tycoon. That was back then, now, according to the Medical Tourism Association, 42% visit the country for urology treatments, which involves the surgical treatment of genitourinary diseases such as cancer of the adrenal glands, kidneys, prostate, ureters, and bladder.

With 1% going for chemotherapy for cancer and 2% for radiation of cancer, Mexico is on its way to becoming one of the most sought out countries for cancer treatments. Whether you have skin cancer or you are looking for alternative cures for cancer, Mexico is the destination to offer it all at affordable prices.

The Affordable Cancer Treatment Options Draws People to Mexico

Mexico’s healthcare system in extremely well known for its affordability so let’s jump on to the next benefit of going there. If you research correctly, proficient medical professionals, who are experts in the field of oncology, will handle your case.

Being diagnosed with cancer is a serious issue and waiting to receive treatments is not a good feeling, as people will want to be treated right away. In Mexico, there is no wait, as people will be taken immediately into care.

Furthermore, people will be able to take far from the country when they leave, as the memories of their trip will be embedded into their mind forever. Your recovery period after the cancer or other treatments will be in the serenity of the Mexico’s natural beauty.

With over 150,000 people crossing the border into Mexico every year for medical treatments, business, tourism, and school, will one of them be you?


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