Bronchitis testimonial Chapala MedYesterday morning a friend called me worried about a friend of hers who had been diagnosed with bronchitis by a Joco clinic doc (Another diagnosis pulled out of thin air) and put on a regime of antibiotics. The friend was almost done with the antibiotics and had called for help saying she was worse – not better.

I recommended Dr. Santiago based on my impression of him after stopping for a short visit with him a couple of weeks ago. My friends took her to see him, he gave her a thorough evaluation and work-up and sent her for an EKG and Chest Xray. After looking at the whole picture, Dr. Santiago detected cardiac changes, serious signs and symptoms, and drove her up to a hospital in Guadalajara where cardiologists are attending her and keeping her admitted for a few days until they can stabilize her and get her back to good health.

Recommendations like this don’t happen every day around here!


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