Medical Travel Chapala MedMedical tourism for Americans and Canadians is becoming more popular as health costs soar and the economy continues to fail.  Many have looked south to Mexico for a physician, but for others serious doubts hold them back.  Our health is our greatest asset and no one can afford to take a chance with health care regardless of how much money they can save. But, is it truly a risk to look for a physician in Mexico? Are you taking your life in your hands by seeking medical attention there?  Those who have been treated in Mexico give testimony to the quality care they have received. There is also documented evidence regarding the physicians in Mexico and the establishments they work for.  What do those who have been treated in Mexico say?  What are the facts? Let us consider three common myths:

Myth # 1 Health care in Mexico is not very good

Gail from San Diego says: “about 2 years ago we started to have our routine preventive medical care…..The hospital … came highly recommended by Americans who had lived here for many years.  Over the last 2 years we have seen interns, ophthalmologists, and gynaecologists.  Almost immediately, we noticed a striking difference in both quality and cost compared to our U.S. experience.”

What Gail experienced is not an isolated experience.  Numerous patients have given similar testimonials about their positive experiences with medical care in Mexico. As the word spreads, more and more people are following their lead and finding out for themselves that hospitals in Mexico have long been offering safe and affordable health care alternatives.   The medical treatment sector in Mexico is constantly expanding due to the tremendous influx of these medical tourists.

Myth # 2 The doctors are not qualified

William says:   “I have had some fairly serious medical issues over the past few weeks.  I feel extremely fortunate to have found S. Hernandez, MD, to help me through them.   He has both Mexican and US training, practised in Chicago, is a fluent English speaker and a fine general practice physician.”

Santiago Hernandez, MD, is not the exception. Mexico is fortunate to have many doctors and medical personal trained or schooled in the North America and Europe besides the excellent, up to date education they have received in their home country. Experts and specialists in adult and childhood illnesses and injuries, dermatology, weight control management, pulmonary and cardiovascular medicine are easily found among the highly educated physicians in Mexico.

Myth # 3 The facilities and equipment are outdated

Tamara says:  “The hospital … was wonderful, hospital staff was great. My every need was met, often, even before I even ask for it.”

Private hospitals in Mexico are some of the most advanced health care centres in the world.  Many are equipped to care for cardiovascular and neurological evaluation and surgery, orthopaedic surgery, haemodialysis and organ transplants.  All these require highly specialized skills, technology and support services.  Mexico is happy to offer these services in their state of the art hospitals and medical centres.

After dispelling the myths by considering the facts, it is evident that he modern facilities, and highly trained physicians and medical personnel in Mexico, accommodate all the needs of medical travellers who are looking for safe, economical medical care.  Those who chose this option are not disappointed.  They can confidently look to Mexico to fill their medical needs.

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