Three Sundays ago, I was truly feeling unwell, something was wrong, a quick call to Dr Santiago and later that afternoon Dra Cherry had me in the office for an ECG. Flash forward to Monday and I’m in GDL with Dr Ayax Sobrino, suited up with a Holter, and it quickly became evident that a new Pacemaker was essential.
On April 4th I received a new Pacemaker via Dr Jorge Gonzalaz at Sanatorio Guadalajara. The treatment there was comforting, caring, especially with Dr Santiago there for me during surgery … we chatted the whole time.
The team of Chapala Med rallied for me once again, from doctors, nurse, extended staff … I know I’m in a place where my wellness is important. My recovery is more than well, for this, I am truly grateful … Muchos gracias, Chapala Med, well done again.

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