I have been remiss in not telling everyone at Lakeside about my life saving experience. While at a parade in San Antonio I started having back pain. As the day moved along the pain continued to worsen. Finally, late in the afternoon my wife contacted Dr. Santiago Hernandez-Martinez at Chapala Med. He instructed my wife to get me to the hospital there in San Antonio. When we arrived I was instantly taken in for a CAT scan. I was then seen by Dr. Santiago’s partner at Chapala Med. She said that after seeing the scan I was going to be taken to a larger hospital in Guadalajara. I was rushed to the hospital where a member of Chapala Med’s staff met me at the hospital and he wheeled me to the emergency room at Country 2000 Hospital.

I was given a blood transfusion and Dr. Santiago managed my pain and ordered further tests. The next morning I was taken into surgery and not given much of a chance to come through the surgery, but with the remarkable skill and knowledge of Dr. Santiago and the surgeon, Dr. Delgado, I survived a surgery not many would have survived. During the surgery the doctors removed a 5 1/2 kilo tumor from my abdomen which had engulfed my left kidney which was riddled with malignant cancer.

My surgery was a remarkable success and it was all due to the professional care I received from the staff at Chapala Med and the surgeon Dr. Delgado. And may I thank Dr. Santiago Hernandez-Martinez, who orchestrated the whole life saving event along with all the aftercare which I received. I highly recommend all the doctors and staff at Chapala Med. God Bless you all!

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