This post is long overdue. I must tell you about the excellent medical, nutritional, financial and even emotional care I received from the staff at Chapala Med, under the skilled direction of Dr. Hernandez. When one of his doctors, Dr. Cherry, told Dr. Hernandez my symptoms, after meeting me in their office early Sunday morning, June 18th, he immediately had my new friends, the Equivels, bring me to an ER in Guadalajara. He MET US THERE, and accompanied me throughout my CT scans. I had results explained to me within 1 1/2 hours!!

After the surgery, which went very well, Dr. Hernandez had to attend a conference in Canada. From there he called me. He was in contact with his staff regarding my condition. When my friends told them I was having a really sad day, he sent their psychologist. They even had a person on staff to deal with my insurance company!!

Dr. Santiago Hernandez-Martinez, may God bless you. Thank you for treating my whole person. I love Chapala Med!

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