I am 66 years old, very active in fitness and eat a clean diet. I was always aware that I had a family history of heart problems, but knew that my regime was keeping me out of trouble.  And, as it turned out, it was. I had some testing done last year and things were looking very good.

But for some reason, things changed over the past couple of months.  I was not able to exercise very much, had no energy; I didn’t have an appetite and was feeling rather depressed about it all.

Then, I went to see Dr. Hernandez.  After an extensive set of questions and a thorough examination, he determined that I needed some cardiac testing in Guadalajara. He works with a very talented, young Cardiologist, among other specialists, not commonly known to the foreign community at Lakeside.  The Cardiologist tried different avenues, which provided valuable information about some carotid blockages, for which I started medication.

But on a follow up visit, Dr. Hernandez felt that something still wasn’t right, so he recommended that I wear an EKG monitor for 24 hours.  That was the ticket!  The talented Cardiologist determined that my heart was racing, slacking off and stopping altogether.  I needed a pacemaker ASAP.

Doctor Hernandez arranged, through the Cardiologist that I have the procedure done at a lovely little hospital in Guadalajara that very weekend.

It is only a few days later now and I am feeling so much better. I am starting back to my former fit self and expect to be as good as new very soon.   I feel that Dr. Hernandez saved my life.

He was there for me every step of the way. My Spanish is only passable and he was with me through the various procedures in Guadalajara and even the operation itself which was extremely re-assuring.

I can’t say enough about his expertise, diagnostic skills and genuine caring for his patients.  And he’s a native English speaker, which is a huge bonus. His office is computerized and he gives you a print out, which explains everything about your consultation with him.  He keeps these records and knows, at your next visit, exactly what has occurred on prior visits and tests.

I highly recommend Doctor Santiago Hernandez.

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