After spending the last three months trying to enjoy touring central Mexico (plus a 3 week jaunt over to Cuba) with my fellow View RV friends Hans and Ursula, what seemed initially like a minor back muscle pull in mid-November eventually grew into excruciating, screaming back pain by the end of December. As we celebrated Christmas Day at Lake Chapala looking onto this spectacular scene with fellow RV friends, Jerry and Becky, we all knew something had to be done.

I made an appointment the very next day with Dr. Santiago Hernandez at Chapala Med. Dr. Hernandez, like me, had grown up in Chicago. I figured that alone should make him better than most other doctors in the area! I was able to get a same-day appointment and was immediately impressed by the thoroughness of his new patient exam, his caring, genuine personality, and his exceptional English skills. This was a doctor I could trust with my life. Little did I know how soon that would be put to the test!

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