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Chapala Med is a progressive full service medical clinic under the direction of Dr. Santiago Hernandez and is located in Lake Chapala Mexico. Dr. Hernandez has honed his clinic to service the needs of a large XPAT community serving not only the lakeside area but Guadalajara.

As medical technology has evolved so has the expectations of patients and this is even more so when you are an English speaking patient in need of medical services in Mexico.

Dr Hernandez is an energetic, personable well skilled American trained physician who goes above and beyond for each and everyone of his patients.His experience and knowledge base raises the bar not only in the standard of medial care you will receive but also targets the emotional challenges of being ill in a setting that you are perhaps not familiar with. He is fully bilingual which makes your experience stress free.

When looking for a physician you want to ensure you source and find a good fit for your medical needs. You also want to ensure that some basic criteria is met. Does the Dr. have a solid amount of credible experience, does he or she approach the examination process thoroughly, does he or she have hospital privileges, does he or she have solid relationships and contacts with specialists, is there a willingness to go the extra mile to assist you in your medical needs.

From personal experience I can assure you with Dr Hernandez you will find all of this criteria will be met and more. He is very personable, knowledgeable, well associated with the medical community of Guadalajara,always available, and is willing to go the extra mile. As an example, how many physicians still make house calls? If necessary Dr. Hernandez will.

If you are in the Lake Chapala, Ajijic,Guadalajara area and find yourself needing medical care do not hesitate to call Dr Hernandez at Chapala Med. I highly recommend his services and I can strongly advise you will not be disappointed with not only his services but the peace of mind that comes knowing you have such a high standard of expertise caring for your needs.

On a final note if you have been thinking of any specialized medical services in Mexico such as plastic surgery etc. Dr Hernandez can help to ensure you are referred to top notch specialists in the Guadalajara area.

Coming to a new country for a medical procedure can be a daunting experience. Dr Hernandez will be able to help you sort through the process of choosing the right treatment plan or specialist for you. I can assure you using him for your medical needs will not only be a pleasant experience but a most positive experience.

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