Positive Experience Nussbaum Chapala MedFrom my first appointment with Dr. Santiago Hernandez in May 2015, my experience has been positive, productive, and professional. Office visits always are on time, unhurried, and include back-and forth dialogue; Dr. Hernandez listens to my input. His support staff is equally helpful, attentive, and friendly.When I needed surgery, Dr. Hernandez not only accompanied me to Guadalajara for the consultation with the surgeon, an excellent choice suggested by Dr. Hernandez, but he actually was present for the entire five-hour operation and his was the first face I saw when I awoke. How many general practitioners north of the border would do that?

It should be obvious, then, that I am more than satisfied with Dr. Hernandez and would recommend him to others. In fact, I already have.

-Tom Nussbaum

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