June 2021

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June 2021| 36
Chapala Med’s team of Healthcare Providers Gains Strength
Dr. Claudia Fuentes P. – Geriatrician
Dr. Claudia Plancarte is Chapala Med’s is our geriatrician and new medical services coordinator.
Dr. Claudia a fully Board certified geriatric specialist is returning to
Chapala Med
Chapala Med II
. Choose a physician who not only is caring but has a solid knowledge base and full command of medicine. With a caring smile and a solid knowledge base she is a valuable addition to our medical team.
Dr. Jose P. Salas – Cardiology
Dr. Salas has grown to be the preeminent cardiologist in the Guadalajara metropolitan area. Dr. Salas returns to Chapala Med to direct our cardiology team. We will now offer Chemical stress tests in addition to the standard cardiac tests such as HOLTER monitors, echocardiography, ECGs and standard stress tests. He is a brilliant interventionalist and has shown great maturity since recently having to deal with his own health issues.
Dr. Alex Hernandez – Cardiac Rehab.
Dr. Alex Hernandez joins our team to add his talents and solidify our cardiology department. He is a cardiac rehabilitationist. Under his guidance, those who have had certain cardiac diseases and suffer from cardiac failure can now count on cardiac rehabilitation to compliment their recovery and regain their health and peace of mind.
Yessica Carolina Martinez – Nutritionist
Yessica is our new nutritionist. She is trained in clinical nutrition and will contribute to the holistic healing philosophy that we have a Chapala Med. Food is our fuel, our first and often most important medicine. With her recommendations, often most of our patients can discontinue many medications and optimize their health and well being.
Dr. Alfonso Garcia – G.P.
Dr. Alfonso Garcia is a graduate of the Univ. of Guadalajara. He is a Lakeside native and has grown considerably since he has become a member of our medical team in Jan. 2021. His professional aspirations include obstetrics & gynecology.
Dr. Ricardo Montoya – G.P.
Dr. Montoya is a recent graduate of the Universidad Lamar in Guadalajara. Originally from Cananea Sonora his professional aspirations include surgery and orthopedics. This bring young doctor currently helps manage care of our patients in Guadalajara as well at Chapala Med 2.

We pledge to preserve our humility, integrity, and all the values which brought us to the practice of medicine. We will engage in honest self-reflection, striving for excellence but acknowledging our limitations, and caring for ourselves as we care for others. We will seek to heal the whole person, rather than merely treat disease, committing to a partnership with our patients that empowers them and demonstrates empathy and respect. We will cure sometimes, treat often, and comfort always


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