Million Patients Chapala MedThe number of US citizens visiting Mexican physicians to receive medical treatment has reached record levels (one million patients!). Three years ago a study found that 20 per cent of patients visiting Mexican physicians were from overseas. With increasing levels of medical travel and medical tourism in Mexico, more attention is being paid to the quality of medical staff, equipment, hygiene and practices and Mexican physicians are highly qualified to deal with a wide range of treatments and operations.

Mexico’s popularity amongst US citizens is mainly due to reduced costs and shorter waiting lists. Research conducted by the Joint Commission International Organzation, a US based group who evaluate and accredit medical facilities overseas also state the standards of medical treatment, care and facilities in Mexico is not only high, but in many cases surpasses the facilities on North American hospitals.

One million US patients visit Mexican Physicians

One New York Times writer wrote that when he discovered his child’s pediatrician studied in Mexico they switched doctors. However, the myth about physicians who studied in Mexico, and that medical treatment in Mexico is inferior to the US, is quickly being squashed as more and more North Americans go south of the border for treatment and return home with rave reviews.

The last statistics produced by the Deloitte Center for Medical Solutions reported that one million US citizens visited Mexico for medical treatment in 2010 and the medical travel was predicted to boom over the next decade. The numbers are hardly surprising. When you consider treatment in Mexico is one-tenth of the cost you would pay in the US and the malpractice rates are much lower medical treatment in Mexico is a very attractive option.

Highly-rated Mexican Physicians

That physicians in Mexico are highly rated by evaluating worldwide medical practitioners is not too surprising. In terms of training and education, the US and Mexico have several cross-border arrangements in educational procedures. Medical students travel from Mexico to the US for their education, and vice versa. It is often the case then that a physician in Mexico has the same high standard of training as physicians based in the United States.

It is not only the level of expertise and ability of physicians in Mexico that is of a high standard – their ultra modern facilities are equipped with the latest in technology and exceptional hygiene practices. Healthcare and upgraded hospital facilities is an area the Mexican Government made a priority and thus ensured that all medical facilities in Mexico are equipped with the latest treatment and diagnostic equipment that meet the highest international standards.

Medical practitioners in Mexico

The improvement of healthcare throughout Mexico has also seen a growing trend of medical practitioners relocating south of the border. This not only enables them to work less hours under less pressure, but also allows them to treat medical tourists from the US and reassure them they are in safe hands. It is not unusual therefore for US patients to be treated by physicians in Mexico who are actually their fellow countrymen.

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