Medical Tourism Chapala MedMedical travel in Mexico is becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons. The standard of service is as good as or better than your local hospital, yet the cost is far less expensive and you get the opportunity to visit and recuperate in tropical surroundings. However, like any hospital or holiday, medical tourism is not without its mishaps, so to ensure you have a positive experience in Mexico here are some tips you should follow through before booking medical travel.

Research the hospital

Medical travel is a little different to your average holiday and you want to ensure that nothing goes wrong. But it is also quite natural for patients to feel some apprehension therefore by thoroughly researching the medical facility where you will receive your treatment you will avoid the stress and it will give you peace of mind.

Read reviews left by other patients on online travel sites such as TripAdvisor and see what other people are saying about their experience, the professionalism of the hospital staff and the standard of the equipment used in the hospital. To give some measure against the information you find, the majority of medical facilities in Mexico use state of the art equipment, are extremely clean and employ English speaking staff.

Questions to ask before booking medical travel

When enquiring about medical travel you want to make sure that the agency and medical facility you use are going to provide you with everything you require. Some medical procedures can be very stressful so you need to ensure that the travel package caters for your every need so that you have nothing to worry about other than the success of the operation.

You need to know that the procedure you need can be performed, how long it takes, what experience the doctor has and what aftercare you will receive. Bear in mind that aftercare is often essential after a medical procedure and you should expect it to be included in the package.

Accommodation is important on any holiday and you will want to know what facilities there are at the hospital. This may be crucial to your recuperation process depending on the type of surgery you have undertaken. Ideally you want to be accommodated in a quiet, peaceful hotel preferably with a spa.

Keep your doctor in the know

Before you have any surgery it is always best to tell your GP – especially if you are considering medical travel overseas. It is advisable to consult with your local doctor to ask his opinion about medical travel and for him to confirm you are safe to travel. Keeping your doctor up-to-date with your medical history also allows him or her to prepare for any post-treatment care once you return home. You also need to ask your doctor for a copy of your medical records to take with you.

To avoid unnecessary stress it is also a good idea to prepare our documents ahead of your journey. Make sure your passport is still valid and apply for visa. Take photocopies of each and keep them separate. You may also need a valid driving license. Follow this advice and you will enjoy a successful medical travel experience.

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