Medical Travel Globe Chapala MedDue to prohibitive medical costs in the United States and exhausting waiting lists in Canada, more and more people are searching for alternatives.  Medical travel is becoming more popular as the reputation of foreign doctors gain international approval.  With its border within easy distance of both countries, Mexico is becoming a favourite destination for patients seeking a wide range of surgical and medical procedures including cardiology, plastic surgery, general surgery, bariatric surgery, pain management, psychiatry, gastroenterology, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, radiology, gynecology and dental procedures.

Many who have come to expect and are still able to receive high quality medical care in their own country, claim that they get far more personal attention and even better care outside of their own country. In Mexico patients can expect to find private medical centres and clinics with qualified doctors and surgeons who have often been trained in the US, Canada or Europe. The nurses and healthcare professionals are also well trained and usually have access to the latest equipment, technology and medicine. Due to the high demand of those flowing over the borders to take advantage of the low cost and high quality care, new state-of-the-art hospitals are springing up in Mexico that can be compared to the best in the world.

Exciting testimonials of the patients who have experienced the professionalism in these establishments and who have come home healthy and happy have fueled the movement of more medical travel south of the border. Since it is a country already attractive because of its’ rich culture, delicious food and beautiful tourist attractions, it has not been difficult to draw those interested in mending their health or recuperating from illness. Who wouldn’t prefer to pass their convalescence on one of the many dazzling beaches or viewing the breathtaking beauty of a sparkling coastline after a difficult medical procedure? With it’s inviting tropical weather and slow pace of life Mexico makes the ideal place to recuperate from any malady.

Mexico is making it very easy to choose their country as the best destination for medical travelers.  To facilitate the speed of entry into the country, Mexico opened a new lane designated for medical travelers. Some hospitals and medical clinics assist the patients with their travel plans and accommodations. Both the United States and Canadian Embassies in Mexico offer lists of physicians in the country. These lists are updated regularly for the benefit of those who choose Mexico as their medical travel destination. Some medical travelers have even gone a step further and have arranged their affairs to settle in Mexico so that they can enjoy ongoing medical care in the hands of caring, professional doctors. After verifying that they qualify for Mexican residency, they obtain residency visa. This process does involve some paperwork and a few fees, but it is not excessively complicated.

As more and more people in Canada and the United States search for alternatives for their medical care the medical travel industry continues to grow and thrive in the popular destinations like Mexico.

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