Heart Wignall ChapalaMedI went to see Doctor Santiago Hernandez on February 6, 2014 because my legs were swollen, shortness of breath and a nagging cough.  Two days later when I  visited him for a follow up and the swelling in my legs had not reduced.  He gave me an EKG in the office and suspected something more serious may be wrong.  He called his protege, cardiac surgeon, Doctor Salas and he agreed that there was a problem. Doctor Hernandez said to me “I want you to go to the hospital .”  I said “When.”  He said “right now.” My husband immediately drove us to Hospital de la Santisma  Trinidad, Holy Trinity, in Guadalajara.
I was given a test called an echocardiogram Doppler which revealed that I had a congenital hole in my heart.  The doctors agreed that I was a “walking time bomb for having a stroke”.

I had many EKG’S in my past and no problem had been detected and no doctor, while listening to my heart, ever heard any irregularity.

On February 9, 2014 a trans esophageal echocardiogram was performed and following that surgery on my heart was performed.  A device similar to an umbrella was inserted into my heart and the hole was closed.

I give doctor Hernandez my deepest thanks and gratitude for being so astute and persistent in determining my problem and saving me from the misery of suffering a stroke.  I am doing exceptionally well thanks to God and Doctor Hernandez talent as a doctor.

Barbara Wignall





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