AChoose Physician Chapala Medfter much consideration you are finally investigating the option of medical treatment in Mexico. Mexico is close by, doctors are well trained, the cost is reasonable, and there is virtually no waiting list. Where do you start?

How do you choose a physician in Mexico? One major concern for many is where the doctors have been trained.

Often people are cautious when considering a doctor who has studied in a third world country. If this is of concern of yours, it would be best to look among the many US, Canadian and European trained doctors and their carefully chosen associates. You will be pleased to find that many private hospitals and clinics are well trained and have access to the latest medicines, equipment and technologies. Often there is a network of doctors and dentists who work together on a referral basis to ensure that you and your loved ones get the most modern and competent care as it is the case for us here at Chapala Med.

Mexico is quickly moving forward in to meet international standards on the regulation of personal data. In the last four years the government has instituted two new laws regulating the processing of the personal data of non-governmental parties. This being said, medical clinics worthy of notice advertise and provide accessibility to their records in a manner that is compliant to U.S. HIPPA laws. Language is another important consideration. It is indisputable that good communication with your doctor and his staff is of the utmost importance.  Many of the Mexican health care facilities have staff that speak English.  If your doctor was schooled in Canada or the United States communication should not pose a problem. Nonetheless, it is wise to learn a bit of the language for the occasions that you find yourself surrounded only by Spanish speakers.   If you anticipate an extended stay, it may be wise to bring a bilingual friend or acquaintance with you.

Many clinics and medical centres provide travel arrangements and accommodations for their patients and their families.  This alleviates any added stress that may be felt by those who do not know the country well. Often the best recommendation for a doctor is by a friend or neighbour who has been treated by a doctor and has had outstanding results.  Not all know someone personally who has been treated in Mexico, but feel free to ask for patient testimonials.

The United States embassy in Mexico has a list of doctors as does the Canadian embassy in Mexico.  These do not assume any responsibility for the professional qualifications, integrity, or services of the doctors or institutions they list. It is advisable to investigate the reputations of these online.  The internet has a wealth of information recommending very qualified physicians in Mexico. Do not overlook the testimonials. Many people have had successful medical care, by responsible, highly qualified doctors. These are pleased to voice their approval and praise so that you can benefit from their experience.

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