best physicians Chapala MedBasic healthcare is very important and if you need extra medical attention, then you need to consult the best physicians in the country. But what if you find discover out that you can get quality healthcare in a neighboring country at an affordable cost? That is sure to get you thinking about the possibilities.

It will surely serve as an eye opener for many that most Americans prefer to travel to Mexico and consult physicians there, for quality healthcare.

Why Should You Travel To Mexico for Healthcare?

The news that many Americans prefer treatment in Mexico is sure to be startling, yet it is true and statistical evidence and records show that Americans have indeed traveled out of the country for medical consultations since the past couple of decades.

It is an estimate, that around 6 million Americans have been known to travel out of the country each year, to seek high quality healthcare treatment in different countries at lesser prices. The countries that they have been known to travel to for healthcare treatments over the past couple of years include India, Mexico, Costa Rico and Thailand.

In fact, even Belgium and France are known to have affordable and cheaper healthcare options, compared to the services available in the United States. That is why many Americans opt for medical travel options to enjoy quality treatment within an affordable budget.

According to experts, most Americans travel out of the country for different treatments and surgeries, which include cardiac procedures, knee and hip replacements. Many businesses in the United States’ healthcare sector have also been found offering healthcare plans which cater to the needs of Mexicans and Americans, who wish to get quality healthcare treatment in northern Mexico. Many of the hospitals and healthcare plans also offer overseas network services by which patients get the chance to opt for treatments in a country which has affordable treatments and performs high quality surgical procedures.

According to a recent trend, it has been found that many Mexican immigrants and Latinos travel to the bordering cities of Mexico like Mexicali, Tijuana and Nogales; or cities further south known for their relaxing atmosphere and quality medical facilities, to get medical treatment. Amongst many of the reasons given by these people are that medical travel to Mexico ensures high quality healthcare treatment at lesser prices than anywhere else in the country.

Another major reason why many Americans and people from Latino origin prefer to travel to the cities of Mexico is that they would rather consult a doctor and medical staff that are accustomed to a less hurried, calmer and more thorough medical culture. Many patients want a doctor and staff that listen to their woes first, and then take care of their needs.

Many immigrants also prefer physicians from Mexico because they speak their language, while others simply prefer to consult a doctor in Mexico for treatment because of the promised excellent healthcare, affordable treatment, unhurried services and surety of getting easy appointments from physicians in Mexico, without any long waits or troublesome queues.

Many citizens travel for minor surgeries, check-ups and dental care. There are many Americans who have health insurance and even then, they opt for medical travel to Mexico, since the cost is very cheap and they don’t have to pay a deductible when they get healthcare.

Note that most insurance policies are not valid outside the country, and while any treatment procedure in Mexico will not be covered by the health insurance company in the U.S, the charges for getting a medical treatment in Mexico is so low, that many Americans prefer to travel the 16 or something miles to the bordering cities of the nation. There, they get high quality care, which would be available in their home country at a much more expensive cost and they would have to pay a deductible on their insurance as well.

Physicians in Mexico – Charging Less for the Same Quality of Healthcare

According to studies, there is a shortage of doctors and nursing staff in the U.S. and since a significant portion of the country population is turning 62, it means that they will need knee and hip replacements along with by-pass surgeries very soon. Many of them don’t have any sponsored healthcare program and are thus, left with few options for treatment.

In such circumstances, traveling to Mexico seems like a good option since prices are less, and it is easier to travel to the neighboring country than planning a trip to other far away nations like India and Thailand.

Many Americans now prefer treatment in the neighboring country, because the physicians in Mexico are easier to develop long term patient relationships with, and many prefer taking other members of their family with them for quality healthcare across the border as well.

Truly, the provision of quality healthcare has transcended all territorial boundaries, and offered many Americans with the golden chance of enjoying great healthcare at lesser prices just across the border!


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