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Whenever I have a good experience with a service provider I like to share. I do this as when I first moved here I really  found great information on this board which helped to point me in the right direction when looking for services.

Experiences are personal but as I am a tough critic I usually feel confident when making a recommendation or I simply do not do it.

For the last few weeks I have been dealing with Dr. Hernandez at Chapala Med. I don’t get ill very often however since Easter had really been feeling under the weather with some strange symptoms.

I am very impressed with Dr. Hernandez and his clinic. First the clinic is modern, well equipped and clean. American/Canadian Standard of the expectation of a clinic.

Dr Hernandez is young ( not Doogie Houser young) but young enough to be up to date on new treatment options. He is from Chicago having practiced there so conversations in English are smooth and easy.

What impressed me the most is his ability to truly listen and ask those questions that needed to be asked. As patients I think we are all guilty of  tending to generalize or forget when we finally get in front of a Dr. That is an ability I think we all appreciate in any practitioner tending to our needs.

In my case through the right diagnostics, and since we pay for them it is great to not have to worry about hit or miss, a diagnosis and a good treatment plan is in place.

I believe Chapala Med is a great asset to our medical community and if you are looking for a new Dr you may want to give him a try. His rates are reasonable, he believes in the standard of excellent medical care and it shows in his clinic. He also does house calls if you are not mobile enough to get into the clinic. Their website is

Hope this is helpful info for anyone looking for a recommendation on good medical care.



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