Appointment Physician Chapala MedGetting an appointment with a physician, especially when you’re not feeling well, can be annoying because you need to be written into a waiting list for the doctor to even attend to your problem; and although we cannot predict our health, hospitals are often unaccommodating when it comes to getting an immediate doctor’s appointment.

Healthcare has been the biggest issue for many developing and developed countries because the number of people with health problems is increasing. It was predicted that annually, the amount spent on healthcare in the US would hit to $3 Trillion, but the number exceeded to $3.8 Trillion.

Apart from the odd headache or stomach ache, most people turn to a doctor to help them get better, but with the rise in health problems and paranoia of that problem being something more, hospitals are trying their hardest to meet the demands of the people but just aren’t able to do so.

A doctor spends 18 seconds listening to a patient’s problem, which means that because they’re trying to get through as many patients as possible, they often miss out on symptoms which might be markers of something more. Study shows that over 12 million patients are misdiagnosed by physicians every year. Amongst these 12 million, there are more than 5 percent who are misdiagnosed as a result of the doctor failing to notice the warning signs for cancer and other serious illnesses.

Healthcare has been an issue because as time moves on, people are finding more problems to deal with. As we make progress in agriculture, economy and technology, their side effects also grow in number. There were lesser health problems in the time when people preferred farm fresh food than store bought products. Because of that, people are now finding newer ways to get better healthcare, and are now heading to developing countries which offer better methods of healthcare at an affordable price.

Getting a medical appointment in Mexico

People in developed countries spend more money on healthcare than other countries and it is affecting their economy. Keeping in line with this trend, Mexico has been working to provide people from around the world with affordable healthcare and is preferred over healthcare facilities in various developed countries.

For an appointment with a physician in Mexico, the most important thing for any patient, is to know their own medical history. When you call a Mexican clinic for an appointment, you cannot just ask for a reservation. The doctor needs to know why you’re booking an appointment. Hospitals keep a file for every patient they have, and if you have an ongoing medical treatment, then you can have your file sent to the hospital in Mexico.

Another step to know is whether your country allows medical travel and visa. Many countries have a different method of getting a visa, and if you have sufficient evidence to support your medical problem, such as notes and details from your own hospital on the progress of your treatment, the confirmation from the Mexican clinic or hospital, and sufficient funds to support your trip; then you can easily get the visa.

There is a myth that traveling to Mexico drains your account but in reality, medical treatment and living expenses combined, come up to half of what you would spend if you had been in your own country according to your treatment and cause.

Expats from all over who have had to seek treatment from abroad know that Mexico is the place to go for quality medical treatment, and now, as doctors themselves are going to Mexico for training and research in fields such as oncology, cardiology and plastic surgery etc; the country is becoming a leader in healthcare, which is affordable and trusted worldwide.


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