Cardiac Surgeons Chapala MedThe Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently shared statistics about the number of cardiac surgery treatments performed in the country. Around 1 million cardiac catheterization procedures and 395,000 coronary artery bypass grafts are performed every year by specialists in the country.

Cardiac surgery is undeniably one of the most complex surgical procedures, with considerable risk associated with it, and room for error is therefore close to none. Different forms of cardiac treatments, surgeries and valve replacement processes are handled by the most qualified and experienced surgeons. While cardiac surgery is prescribed as the only viable mode of treatment for some patients with fast deteriorating state of cardiac health, the costs typically involved with the procedure are astronomical.

According to an estimate, a cardiac surgery might cost anywhere from $50,000 to $70,000 for effective treatment and an additional amount for any post surgery care. Such medical expenses cannot be afforded by a large section of the population, which means that they cannot get much needed cardiac surgery as their medical insurance doesn’t provide such coverage. Many hospitals in the United States, Europe and Canada offer quality cardiac surgery treatment, yet the cost is simply too high, rendering many unable to afford the treatment.

Mexico provides an answer to the woes and problems of those patients who need expert cardiac related help from a certified surgeon at an affordable cost.

Cardiac Surgeries in Mexico

There is some speculation about the quality of services on offer by the surgeons in Mexico. When it is found that the cardiac surgeries in Mexico are affordable and cost truly a fraction of what is charged everywhere else in the world, most people perceive the low prices a sign of low quality healthcare services. This is far from the truth.

Most of the cardiac surgeons practicing in Mexico have certifications and experience from renowned medical institutions in U.S. and Canada. They have a record of having worked with some of the best professionals in the field and then returning to their country to offer services to patients who cannot afford the expense of cardiac surgeries yet need surgery as critical treatment for their condition.

Another factor which highlights the quality of healthcare offered by the surgeons and physicians in Mexico is the strict set of regulations outlined by the central government in the Mexican cities. The authorities have set rules which require the physicians and surgeons in Mexico to constantly seek training and advance their learning in the healthcare industry during their service years.

Opposed to the regulations in other countries where doctors are not subject to seek any further training after completing their fellowship, Mexican authorities require the physicians and specialists to continue with their trainings, a requirement imposed by the authorities so that the doctors continue to seek education about new and advanced treatment methods which are continually being introduced in the industry.

One critical factor which highlights the commitment of the Mexican authorities to offer quality healthcare at all costs is the legal requirement for all practicing surgeons and physicians in Mexico, which requires them to get a recertification test every 5 years. This recertification testing procedure is applicable to all doctors and medical professionals practicing in Mexico, and every doctor needs to pass the test after five years, irrespective of their age and service experience in the field of healthcare.

These stringent medical recertification requirements are not applied in most other countries, and the strict rules which test the doctors for providing advanced medical services to patients ensure that only quality healthcare is offered for satisfaction of patients.

In Mexico, affordable treatment does not translate into subpar healthcare services; rather, the focus is on providing top notch surgical care at a segment of the cost charged elsewhere.

Some of the most common cardiac procedures and surgeries performed in Mexico include heart stress testing, cardiac bypass, mitral/ aortal/ pulmonary and tricuspid valve replacements, with electrocardiogram diagnostics, pacemaker surgery, angioplasty and aortic aneurism repair surgeries to name a few.

Why Mexico For Cardiac Surgeries?

Aside from topnotch healthcare from surgeons who have worked with the foremost specialists in the industry, continuously seek knowledge of advanced medical treatment procedures, and recertify their medical license after every 5 years, there are other reasons why Mexico should be the first choice for medical travel for cardiac treatment. The reasons include a professionally trained medical staff in well equipped and advanced treatment facilities, an English speaking staff, high healthcare standards, and professional surgeons who specialize in cardiac surgery.

Many people travel across the border to seek professional consultation from surgeons in Mexico performing complicated cardiac surgeries in IJC-approved hospitals. Many patients enjoy the quality and advanced cardiac care with medical travel to a nearby country where the high quality cardiac services are on par with the best in the world, at an unbelievably affordable price.



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