Surgery in MexicoElective surgery in Canada can take a year or two from the date of the first doctor’s appointment.  In the United States, although the time frame may be more reasonable, the cost makes it difficult for many to finally decide it is time to have surgery.

For these reasons many have turned to Mexico to treat their medical and surgical concerns. One of Mexico’s main attractions is it’s proximity to Canada and the United States. Even in urgent cases Mexico is within reasonable distance to undergo surgical procedures. Contrary to the belief that surgery in Mexico is not as safe as surgery in North America, Mexico prides itself in its modern hospitals and medical center.  

These facilities provide state-of-the art technology with the latest advances and professional medical care for those needing surgery in Mexico. Besides being schooled and trained in Mexico’s excellent schools and universities, the physicians and surgeons have often furthered their education in North America and Europe.

The surgeons are highly skilled in many fields, including: cardiovascular, neurological, gastrointestinal, weight control and cosmetic surgeries. Among the advantages of surgery in Mexico is the personal attention the patients receive from the medical personnel.  Patients who have chosen to have their procedures done in Mexico testify to the fact that they are treated with total human dignity and respect. One patient said: “Everybody has treated me really good, from … the coordinator down here, the hospital staff, the doctors, and everybody else has been real friendly, really helpful.”

Medical travellers are accustomed to receiving kindness and professionalism from calm physicians and medical staff.  Although Spanish is the official language in Mexico, many of the doctors and their staff speak English and interpreters are available when they are needed. Many hospitals and medical clinics provide services geared to making patients stay and procedure as easy as possible.

Some provide travel arrangements and sleeping accommodations for the patient and their family for the duration of the surgery and recuperation time. Even airport pickup service is available to ensure the comfort of the medical traveler.  Considering the high quality of medical care, most first time patients in Mexico are amazed at the low cost of their surgery.  Typically the price is a fraction of what they would have paid back home. Even with the cost of travel, accommodations and sometimes the recuperation time spent on the beach, the cost is often half of what the procedure would have cost in the United States.

These prices do not reflect lower standards, it is truly more value for your money.  The transparency of the transaction between doctor and patient not only contributes to the low cost but also to the peace of mind of the patient.  Not to be forgotten is the advantage of enjoying the cultural and natural beauty of Mexico before and after the surgery performed in Mexico.

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