Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, July 30, 2013

Testimonial  From Garry Peerless

April 13, 2013

Doctor ChapalaMedAfter having lived at Lakeside for several years, I found that I was quite suddenly and unexplainably unwell.  I had read of a new doctor in Chapala, Dr. Santiago Hernandez, and liked what I had seen of his qualifications. He is trained and  was licensed in the US and  as is now licensed in Mexico. 

I have been very happy with Dr. Hernandez’s thorough and professional approach to diagnoses and treatment. He asks a lot of questions and, in turn, he provides detailed information back in the form of both a verbal and written report at the end of each appointment.  He also keeps patient records online so that they are accessible by you whenever you need them.   And, he uses an excellent Lab in Guadalajara which is a one stop shop for absolutely any test you require.  As well, he has a network of specialists many of whom are US trained.

As a result of his diagnoses and treatment, I am now well again.

If you are new at Lakeside or are looking for a change of Doctor, I would recommend you make an appointment with Dr. Hernandez and see for yourself.


Garry Peerless

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