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Testimonial - Ray Welch ChapalaMedI am Canadian! And I’m old. For the better part of the last six weeks I have been under a doctor’s care. Thanks to a dear friend, I had no trouble getting an appointment with a local practitioner. This afternoon I was discharged from his care with a clean bill of health. The nature of my ailments is irrelevant. Suffice to say that there were several issues, all of which were quite serious. Had I not taken the prescribed drugs and followed the doctor’s orders it was inevitable that I would have been admitted to the Guadalajara General hospital.

Since I am a Canadian I am used to what I always deemed excellent medical care. I still have no complaints about it but I was leery about what to expect here in Mexico. I would like to advise all of my Facebook friends and those members who share our Gringos Ajijic Facebook site about my opinion of my Mexican care provider.

The physician’s name is Santiago R. Hernández M.D., and his practice is Chapala Med. His offices are located at Libramiento Chapala-Ajijic, No. 132 Int 21. Plaza Interlago, Ajijic, Jalisco, C.P. 45922 close to WalMart. (ChapalaMed.com) Few are the times I have visited a doctor’s or specialist’s office in my life that my appointment time was kept. Fewer are the times that I did not get the feeling I was being rushed. That could just be the nature of the beast in Canada. I did not ever experience those conditions with Dr. Hernández. His demeanour and professionalism overwhelmed me.

Here is the bottom line: If you are seeking medical care in our area do not hesitate to book an appointment with Dr. Hernández. (Everyone in his office is bilingual.)

Ray C. Welch

Lake Chapala ChapalaMed








After spending the last three months trying to enjoy touring central Mexico (plus a 3 week jaunt over to Cuba) with my fellow View RV friends Hans and Ursula, what seemed initially like a minor back muscle pull in mid-November eventually grew into excruciating, screaming back pain by the end of December. As we celebrated Christmas Day at Lake Chapala looking onto this spectacular scene with fellow RV friends, Jerry and Becky, we all knew something had to be done.

I made an appointment the very next day with Dr. Santiago Hernandez at Chapala Med. Dr. Hernandez, like me, had grown up in Chicago. I figured that alone should make him better than most other doctors in the area! I was able to get a same-day appointment and was immediately impressed by the thoroughness of his new patient exam, his caring, genuine personality, and his exceptional English skills. This was a doctor I could trust with my life. Little did I know how soon that would be put to the test!

Read the rest of this story at Lynne’s Blog, Winnie Views, by clicking HERE.

Lynne (Winnie Views)

Tom Nussbaum ChapalaMedFrom my first appointment with Dr. Santiago Hernandez in May 2015, my experience has been positive, productive, and professional. Office visits always are on time, unhurried, and include back-and forth dialogue; Dr. Hernandez listens to my input. His support staff is equally helpful, attentive, and friendly.

When I needed surgery, Dr. Hernandez not only accompanied me to Guadalajara for the consultation with the surgeon, an excellent choice suggested by Dr. Hernandez, but he actually was present for the entire five-hour operation and his was the first face I saw when I awoke. How many general practitioners north of the border would do that?

It should be obvious, then, that I am more than satisfied with Dr. Hernandez and would recommend him to others. In fact, I already have.

Tom Nussbaum

I now know that my husband wouldn’t be alive if Dr. Santiago Hernandez hadn’t come when called and organized the surgery on the ride to Guadalajara. At Gary’s age the survival rate is about 20%. Read Full Testimonial

Gary and Carol Curtis

Dr. Santiago is a great addition to our lakeside community. As a doctor, he is knowledgeable and thorough. As a person, he is personable and caring.

Joy Dunstan

Dr. Hernandez is knowledgeable in many areas. His genuine concern for his patients shows in his passion for medicine.

Jill W

Santiago has been a Spanish medical interpreter with Metaphrasis for over three years. He is detail-oriented, an experienced medical interpreter who combined with he professional background in healthcare, makes for an excellent interpreter. As a multi-talented individual, Santiago has been a wonderful addition to our interpreter pool.

Elizabeth Colon

Santiago has been an exceptional primary doctor to me for the last two years. I could always schedule a visit in a pinch and without having to wait to see him once I got there. This was most appreciated when Santiago was treating me for a chronic cough last year. I give Santiago the highest recommendation and you should give him top consideration as your doctor!

Alfonso Barrera

I have had some fairly serious medical issues over the past few weeks.  I feel extremely fortunate to have found  Santiago Hernandez, MD, to help me through them.  He has both Mexican and US training, practised in Chicago, is a fluent English speaker and a fine general practice physician.  I needed to see specialists in Guad. and he went with me each time!

His office is in Chapala and you can find his website at chapalamed.com

William Long

Here is my two cents. I think he is great! (a GP)

After seeing him, went to a specialist to get a second opinion on medication and treatment…… and first time ever for me for a second opinion – the second doctor (who doesn’t know Dr Hernandez) confirmed that the medication etc was the same that he would have prescribed.


It was amazing to watch Dr. Santiago Hernandez from the get-go; quick-acting, caring, intuitive, intelligent and knows his medicine. He ends up with well-informed patients too with a print out of a summary of the visit. Quick action on his part, as well as his cardiologist associate and other medical staff at the hospital. So glad patient is feeling so much better and has been given a second chance at life.

He’s my new doctor now! We are so lucky to have him here in this area.

Irish Gal

Had two visits with this Doctor. Found him very professional, caring and detail oriented. Had great results in a short period of time from his treatment. Would see him again without hesitation.

Casey Kellar


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