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Why consult a physician in Mexico for female Healthcare?

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, M.D., November 16, 2016

Female Health ChapalaMed

Female healthcare is a significant part of the plan designed by countries for improving the overall health and wellness condition of a population. According to statistical evidence collected and evaluated over the course of years, it has been found that women are more likely to suffer from different diseases in comparison to men.

This finding has brought to light the need for a sound and multi tiered healthcare plan for women, who are at a higher risk of suffering from different chronic diseases. It is a fact concerning women all over the world, and that is why it has become important now, more than ever before, to assign due importance to female healthcare.

But with expensive treatment options, many women are not able to get treatment in time, which only worsens their medical condition. That is why there has been a rising trend observed in the number of female patients traveling across the border to consult physicians in Mexico for their different medical conditions.

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Surgery in Mexico for Pulmonary Disorders

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, M.D., October 19, 2016

Pulmonary Disorders ChapalaMed

Every year, a large number of adults and children suffer from a variety of lung diseases and disorders which affect the overall quality of their life. Chronic lung diseases can seriously affect the life and wellbeing of an individual; difficulty in breathing and the resultant low oxygen content in the body can have adverse affects on the entire body.

Pulmonary disorders are caused by any lung disease which affects the function of the lungs. There are three broad categories of lung disease- airway diseases, lung circulation, and lung tissue diseases. An individual suffering from a pulmonary disorder caused by any of these conditions requires immediate attention from a specialized physician who can diagnose the condition and offer proper treatment before the condition worsens.

In many cases, the disease worsens to such an extent that the surgery is prescribed for the health of the patient. Since specialized treatment is very expensive and it is hard to get appointment from specialists from surgeons who are already burdened, many patients and their families opt for a more feasible and suitable option, that is, consultation and surgery in Mexico.

Physicians in Mexico are highly qualified and trained and have certified accreditations from some of the most renowned medical bodies in the world. These professionals offer quality healthcare treatment, on par with the best specialist treatments in developed countries of the world, all affordably priced.

With high quality healthcare treatment at a fraction of the cost charged in the United States and Canada, many people opt for medical travel and consult a physician from across the border.

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Pros of Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, M.D., September 21, 2016

Cosmetic Surgery ChapalaMed

Over the last few decades, cosmetic surgery has gone up in popularity, and with the emergence of new and highly sophisticated technologies, surgeons are able to deliver outstanding results every time. Whether it is a tummy tuck or a nose reshaping surgery, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing results attract many, tempting them to go for cosmetic surgical treatments.

While plastic surgery in itself is quite expensive and complex, cosmetic surgery is significantly more so. Only highly trained and qualified surgeons can be trusted for the job; the treatment requirements too are many, all of which need to be met for the surgery to minimize potential risks.

Surgery of any kind is a delicate procedure, with a certain amount of risk always associated with it. Different patients respond in a different way to the treatment, and that is why it is crucial to consult the best in the field, with a highly trained staff, and get the procedure done in a properly equipped facility.

With cosmetic surgery prices skyrocketing in most countries around the world, many patients are opting for medical travel to get their surgery in Mexico.

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Physicians In Mexico: treatment for behavioral health problems

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, M.D., August 17, 2016

Affordable and high quality treatment is everyone’s dream, but with the increasing cost of medical treatment in the US, most find it difficult to get the prescribed treatment at the right time.

Doctor ChapalaMedEven patients with health insurance are sometimes faced with the difficult task of whether to opt for a needed surgery or to opt out because of the amount in unpaid medical bills. Insurance coverage typically comes with a high deductible, which is another factor that keeps patients from getting critical treatment for their medical condition.

Certain diseases and medical conditions necessitate immediate action, extensive medicinal treatment, and in severe cases, even surgery. In cases where the condition is bound to worsen with delay, many patients who cannot afford expensive treatment opt for physicians in Mexico. Not only is the healthcare quality and treatment on par with the best in the world, the healthcare facilities and staff are also highly qualified and skilled, being able to offer the very best healthcare service experience at a fraction of the price.

Behavioral health problems are one such condition where prompt diagnosis and early intervention through treatment is the only way to reduce the risk of the disease from reaching a chronic stage. Most behavioral conditions, if allowed to become chronic, can mean severe repercussions for both the patient and their relatives. If specialized treatment is not meted out at the right time, the suffering of the patient can increase manifold, and in the most severe cases, make them a threat to their own wellbeing and that of others.

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Medical Travel: 3 Steps To Consider

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, M.D., July 13, 2016

Medical Tourism ChapalaMedA relatively new type of tourism has emerged over the last few years, one which is quite unique in nature and has country authorities hard at work to increase attractiveness of their region in this regard too in order to promote tourism. We’re talking about medical tourism of course, as you might have guessed. The paradigm involves medical travel to different countries which are believed to offer better and/or affordable quality healthcare services, complete with post treatment.

With medical tourism fast gaining popularity in recent years, different countries have developed their healthcare and service systems to offer suitable treatment solutions to international patients looking for the best treatment with affordable options.

The increase in popularity of medical travel has led to improved healthcare service standards and more stringent regulations too in many countries, Mexico being foremost, fast emerging as a popular destination for anyone seeking affordable high quality healthcare services. According to the statistics released in the facts and figures report of the International Medical Travel Journal, around 6 million people travel each year from one country to another for medical treatment.

According to a Medical Tourism Patient Survey MTA held in 2013, Mexico and India were found to have the highest demand for medical tourism. The Secretary of Tourism in Mexico shared the number of tourists who performed medical travel in 2013, and recounted 12 million international travelers, out of which around 6.5 million had traveled from the United States.

While the need for medical travel has grown over the years and patients have the chance to seek affordable and advanced healthcare treatment in another country easily, there are still some things that the traveler needs to keep in mind.

If a patient is thinking of opting for medical travel to Mexico, you should take these 3 considerations into account to ensure the best experience and therefore treatment.

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Why Americans Opt for Physicians in Mexico?

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, M.D., May 18, 2016

ID-10070927Basic healthcare is very important and if you need extra medical attention, then you need to consult the best physicians in the country. But what if you find discover out that you can get quality healthcare in a neighboring country at an affordable cost? That is sure to get you thinking about the possibilities.

It will surely serve as an eye opener for many that most Americans prefer to travel to Mexico and consult physicians there, for quality healthcare.

Why Should You Travel To Mexico for Healthcare?

The news that many Americans prefer treatment in Mexico is sure to be startling, yet it is true and statistical evidence and records show that Americans have indeed traveled out of the country for medical consultations since the past couple of decades. Continue reading…

Recuperate with the Best Medical Treatments in Mexico

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, December 2, 2015

ID-100120137Whenever we feel like life is becoming too hectic, we give ourselves a little break by taking a nap or just relaxing. But our body is working 24/7 to provide us with the perfect health. While we may think that going to the spa or for a run is good, we can all agree that hardly any of us know what is really going on inside us.

Furthermore, women are generally conditioned to have a nice slim body, but many do not realize that not everyone can achieve that since they were not built that way. Thus, by dieting and exercise, they may get the waistline they want, but they don’t know how disastrous it can be in terms of their overall health.

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Why Mexico has become the center for Cancer Treatments?

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, September 23, 2015

ID-100156712Mexico has emerged as a center for quality medical care in the field of oncology. People that are unable to afford cancer treatments frequent the country often. The frequency of medical travel has transformed Mexico’s image, as in the books of U.S. and Canadian residents, it ranks in the top spot.

The country intends to play on that image by sustaining and maintaining their medical industry. So far, they are on the right track, as their medical sector attracts 150,000 to 500,000 medical travelers each year. Medical travelers visiting it for cancer treatments serves as further evidence of the country’s will to become the number one country in the medical tourism sector.

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The History and Spread of Medical Tourism

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, September 9, 2015

Medical Travel ChapalaMedMedical tourists’ affinity towards medical treatments in foreign countries is nothing new, as it has been around for ages. The Sumerians, the Ancient Romans, the Greek all built sanctuaries and temples, believing that the places helped heal people. The sanctuaries were located far and they would travel in groups to reap its benefits.

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Medical Travel: Bringing People Together

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, August 12, 2015

Medical Travel ChapalaMedThe birth of medical travel dates back to 400 BC when people from different civilizations traveled far and wide in search of medical miracles to heal them of their ailments. Specifically, the historical records mention the Romans who sought out “spring” or “bath” waters, believing that the waters possessed healing properties.

Since then, times have changed, and now, you see people traveling to developed countries such as Mexico, Thailand, India, amongst others for medical treatments. The shift in the trend has been termed medical tourism, and the trend seems to be growing stronger with each passing year- just look at its worldwide revenue: medical tourism generated a worldwide revenue of $60 billion in 2006 and was projected to supersede $100 billion in 2012.

In addition, medical tourism in relation to globalization has worked well for developed countries that have taken advantage of the growing medical tourism industry.

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