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Welcome New Medical Staff

Posted by Vanessa, December 29, 2017

Dr. Santiago Hernandez Chapala Med

CHAPALA MED would like to wish you a very happy and healthy 2018!

Our team continues to grow each day. We are pleased to announce the following new members of our team.





Dr. Chaurand Chapala Med

In addition to our REHABILITATION team, we’d like to welcome¬†Dr. Adrian Chaurand Morales,¬†
Director of Palliative Care as well.




Dr. Adjchavanich Chapala MedCherry Adjchavanich M.D. will be joining our primary care team as Medical Services Coordinator and we extend a warm welcome to her also.

Dr. Cherry embodies the principles that Chapala Med has been built on and is an empathetic and caring person. We have no doubt that the Lakeside community will embrace her as our team has. Come in and meet her.


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