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My Hospital Visit

Posted by Wendy, December 17, 2016

'Triple burger with fries, would you like the complimentary angiogram with that?'

‘Triple burger with fries, would you like the complimentary angiogram with that?’

I read somewhere that men and women’s symptoms for heart issues are different.  Men suffer crushing chest pains and numbness in their left arm.  Women experience varying levels of chest pain radiating up into their jaw.  So when I started feeling a soreness in my chest move up north, I paid attention.  We were watching a really good Mission Impossible movie and I wanted to see it to the end to ensure that the villain was in fact destroyed and the hero saved the girl and was given his next assignment, “if he choose to accept it.”  I then told my spouse about my symptoms, keeping myself calm and my voice low, to not create excitement and high blood pressure for either one of us. I knew once we started making phone calls and got this ball rolling, it couldn’t be stopped.

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Aspirin Can Be a Killer: Dad’s Lesson

Posted by Wendy, December 13, 2016

aspirinFor those of you who follow me on social media (Facebook), you may have learned that my father was hospitalized this past weekend. On Nov. 26, my father started feeling very fatigued and short of breath.  He rarely calls me with any medical concerns being that for the past 2 years, it’s been my mother’s health that has been the center of our family’s health concerns due to her fight with breast cancer.

My father normally walks 3-5 miles per day, at least twice per day when he walks his dogs and works in his avocado orchard in Michoacán.  He has worked in the fields since he was 7 years of age and in the U.S. he often worked double shifts at the steel mills to put us through school, sometimes with the flu or bronchitis.  As long as I can remember, my dad had an aura of invincibility. So, when my dad calls me and tells me that he is feeling fatigued and short of breath while on his routine walks, it really made my mind uneasy, to say the least.  To make matters worse, my aunt who is a retired nurse called me and told me that my dad was as pale as a ghost.

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