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Surgery in Mexico for Pulmonary Disorders

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, M.D., October 19, 2016

Pulmonary Disorders ChapalaMed

Every year, a large number of adults and children suffer from a variety of lung diseases and disorders which affect the overall quality of their life. Chronic lung diseases can seriously affect the life and wellbeing of an individual; difficulty in breathing and the resultant low oxygen content in the body can have adverse affects on the entire body.

Pulmonary disorders are caused by any lung disease which affects the function of the lungs. There are three broad categories of lung disease- airway diseases, lung circulation, and lung tissue diseases. An individual suffering from a pulmonary disorder caused by any of these conditions requires immediate attention from a specialized physician who can diagnose the condition and offer proper treatment before the condition worsens.

In many cases, the disease worsens to such an extent that the surgery is prescribed for the health of the patient. Since specialized treatment is very expensive and it is hard to get appointment from specialists from surgeons who are already burdened, many patients and their families opt for a more feasible and suitable option, that is, consultation and surgery in Mexico.

Physicians in Mexico are highly qualified and trained and have certified accreditations from some of the most renowned medical bodies in the world. These professionals offer quality healthcare treatment, on par with the best specialist treatments in developed countries of the world, all affordably priced.

With high quality healthcare treatment at a fraction of the cost charged in the United States and Canada, many people opt for medical travel and consult a physician from across the border.

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My Mother’s battle with cancer

Posted by Wendy, October 4, 2016

mom-hospitalOn Valentine’s Day weekend 2015, my parents came to Guadalajara to attend my Rotary Club’s Valentine Day Art Auction. My mother mentioned she had a lump on the left side of her neck and asked if I wouldn’t mind removing it since I had removed some previously, while I was working in Chicago. Instead, I called my colleague, Dr. Juan Delgado, an oncological head-neck surgeon, to help remove it since it was in an area that was deeper and I believed that he was better trained to carry out such a procedure.

We scheduled the surgery for the next day, Sunday. We excised the mass and got the preliminary pathology results in two days. Dr. Delgado called me with the unfortunate news; the pathology report was positive for cancer and that we had to find the primary immediately. While I showered, I thought how to break the news to my mother and I prayed for God to give me the strength to be able to do it in the best way possible. One of the hardest responsibilities that we have as doctors, is to give bad news to our patients.  Since this was my own mother I was giving the bad news to, the heaviness in my heart that morning was unbearable. Continue reading…