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Medical Travel: 3 Steps To Consider

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, M.D., July 13, 2016

Medical Tourism ChapalaMedA relatively new type of tourism has emerged over the last few years, one which is quite unique in nature and has country authorities hard at work to increase attractiveness of their region in this regard too in order to promote tourism. We’re talking about medical tourism of course, as you might have guessed. The paradigm involves medical travel to different countries which are believed to offer better and/or affordable quality healthcare services, complete with post treatment.

With medical tourism fast gaining popularity in recent years, different countries have developed their healthcare and service systems to offer suitable treatment solutions to international patients looking for the best treatment with affordable options.

The increase in popularity of medical travel has led to improved healthcare service standards and more stringent regulations too in many countries, Mexico being foremost, fast emerging as a popular destination for anyone seeking affordable high quality healthcare services. According to the statistics released in the facts and figures report of the International Medical Travel Journal, around 6 million people travel each year from one country to another for medical treatment.

According to a Medical Tourism Patient Survey MTA held in 2013, Mexico and India were found to have the highest demand for medical tourism. The Secretary of Tourism in Mexico shared the number of tourists who performed medical travel in 2013, and recounted 12 million international travelers, out of which around 6.5 million had traveled from the United States.

While the need for medical travel has grown over the years and patients have the chance to seek affordable and advanced healthcare treatment in another country easily, there are still some things that the traveler needs to keep in mind.

If a patient is thinking of opting for medical travel to Mexico, you should take these 3 considerations into account to ensure the best experience and therefore treatment.

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