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Why you should travel to Mexico for your next cardio exam

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, December 16, 2015

ID-100134286The heart is one of the strongest muscles in the body, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be taken care of. As our luxuries grow, so do our problems. For many developed countries, heart condition is one of the main causes of death with 17.3 million deaths reported by the Global Heart Federation every year. Many factors affect the heart such as too much stress, wrong diet, diabetes, smoking, high total cholesterol, high blood pressure, physical inactivity, depression, obesity, social isolation and a lack of quality social support.

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Recuperate with the Best Medical Treatments in Mexico

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, December 2, 2015

ID-100120137Whenever we feel like life is becoming too hectic, we give ourselves a little break by taking a nap or just relaxing. But our body is working 24/7 to provide us with the perfect health. While we may think that going to the spa or for a run is good, we can all agree that hardly any of us know what is really going on inside us.

Furthermore, women are generally conditioned to have a nice slim body, but many do not realize that not everyone can achieve that since they were not built that way. Thus, by dieting and exercise, they may get the waistline they want, but they don’t know how disastrous it can be in terms of their overall health.

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