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Plan your next physician’s appointment in Mexico

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, November 18, 2015

ID-100102388Getting a physician’s appointment, especially when you’re not feeling well, can be annoying because you need to be written into a waiting list for the doctor to even attend to your problem; and although we cannot predict our health, hospitals are often unaccommodating when it comes to getting an immediate doctor’s appointment.

Healthcare has been the biggest issue for many developing and developed countries because the number of people with health problems is increasing. It was predicted that annually, the amount spent on healthcare in the US would hit to $3 Trillion, but the number exceeded to $3.8 Trillion.

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Why Doctors are coming to Mexico to study cancer research

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, November 4, 2015

ID-100325421Cancer is a scary disease, and only those who have suffered themselves or watched someone else suffer know the pain and heartache it brings. Doctors and researchers have been working hard to know all they can about how cancer can be, if not cured, then prevented. According to statistics, cancer was diagnosed for 14.1 million adults in the world in 2012, with a death rate of 8.3 million.

Cancer treatments have become advanced, but because they are expensive, not many people can afford them. Many hospitals do not have particular treatments and people have to go to other medical institutes and at times in other countries to receive proper therapy. Cancer patients have to go through grueling surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy to get a possible second chance at life, which takes a massive toll on their health. Because of the amount of effort, equipment and medical supplies used for these expensive medical treatments, some make the decision to pass away quietly rather than spend their remaining life paying off medical debts.

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