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Need that bump checked out? a physician in Mexico can help

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, October 21, 2015

ID-100202727Whether it is out of uneasiness, ignorance or expense, many people skip out on going to the doctor. Although it is customary for a person to get a medical checkup at least once a year, many self-diagnose and give themselves an all clear. Most use the internet to read up on their symptoms, so many do not go to a doctor at all. However, before it is too late, it is better to stop being lazy and go to a professional who is certified in health care.

Many people with medical problems have stated that most of the time, they ignore the signs as just nausea, or a headache or a simple bump. For people with cancer, this ignorance can be life threatening. Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide and can sneak up on anyone. According to statistics, nearly 14.1 million people were diagnosed with cancer in 2012. Because only those who have proper medical insurance can afford appropriate cancer treatment, many are left with the decision of either spending all of their saved money on treatment and none for after, or to seek help elsewhere.

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Cancer Doesn’t Care: The Elliott Joachim Story

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, October 8, 2015

Elliott loves to teach dance, so when she discovered cancer on her tongue, she decided on treatment instead of surgery so that she could still talk. She is on the road to a full recovery with the guidance of Dr. Santiago Hernandez and his team at Chapala Med. Watch her story here and read her intimate, heart-wrenching blog at

Medical tourism: why Mexico is the cure to your heart?

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, October 7, 2015

ID-100255395The number of Americans traveling to medical tourism destinations each year is astounding. A spectacular six million Americans travel to countries such as Costa Rica, Mexico, Thailand, amongst other popular destinations for medical care. The treatments might be low in value, but are high in quality.

For this reason, people readily visit Mexico for cardiac procedures, knee, and hip replacement surgery for instance. With price 80% less expensive for high-risk medical procedures, medical tourism destinations rose to popularity. Since heart disease in the United States is the number one cause of death and one of the most expensive procedures to get, medical tourism destinations seem like the perfect getaway for heart related treatments.

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With God and Dr. Santi’s help, I’m standing here

Posted by Wendy, October 6, 2015

The Wignall’s live a very healthy lifestyle. But sometimes, life hands you a curveball. Watch this story about Bobbi and a heart condition that she had all her life, but wasn’t detected and corrected until her 70’s!