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The Flurry of Expats in Mexico Explained

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, August 26, 2015

Expats ChapalaMedMexico, the border nation of the United States, has amassed into one of the most livable countries for expats. For expats, the real attraction is the country’s healthcare system, with all of the country’s beautiful structures and sights an added bonus. The country has in place two types of healthcare systems, private and universal insurance programs.

In order to improve their healthcare system even further, the country developed a program called Popular Health Insurance (Seguro Popular) in 2004. The program aimed to make preventative treatments less costly for the less economically wealthy.

Since the program’s initiation, 50 million uninsured residents have benefitted from it. Furthermore, the threat of contracting tuberculosis and malaria has also seen a steady decline. In comparison to some areas of Africa and Asia, Mexico fares far better as a livable state for expats. However, it would be unfair to say that Mexico’s low cost of living did not play a part in its tourism growth.

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Medical Travel: Bringing People Together

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, August 12, 2015

Medical Travel ChapalaMedThe birth of medical travel dates back to 400 BC when people from different civilizations traveled far and wide in search of medical miracles to heal them of their ailments. Specifically, the historical records mention the Romans who sought out “spring” or “bath” waters, believing that the waters possessed healing properties.

Since then, times have changed, and now, you see people traveling to developed countries such as Mexico, Thailand, India, amongst others for medical treatments. The shift in the trend has been termed medical tourism, and the trend seems to be growing stronger with each passing year- just look at its worldwide revenue: medical tourism generated a worldwide revenue of $60 billion in 2006 and was projected to supersede $100 billion in 2012.

In addition, medical tourism in relation to globalization has worked well for developed countries that have taken advantage of the growing medical tourism industry.

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