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Retirees travel for medical care in Mexico

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, July 29, 2015

Medical Tourism ChapalaMedWhy medical care in Mexico feels like the ideal choice? What is it about Mexico that they find appealing? Medical care is provided in their home country, yet for various medical purposes, Mexico feels like the ideal choice. The answer is simple, lower costs, immediate medical care, array of new medical treatments, and specialized medical services.

When retirees are confronted with the choice to pay $50,000 for staying in the hospital only, not including physical therapy and anesthesiology versus paying half of that amount for the whole medical experience in Mexico, the choice becomes clear.

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Malpractice in Medical Tourism and the Importance of Research

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, July 15, 2015

Medical Malpractice ChapalaMedIt has been over a decade and counting since the popularity of medical tourism soared in parts of the Western world. The frequency of medical travelers going abroad for various treatments has been on the rise. However, this does not stop people from raising questions about the reliability of foreign doctors, hospitals, and treatments, and malpractice became a trending topic.

With no medical tourism regulations in place by governments of medical travelers, medical experts advised people to take caution when traveling abroad for treatment. You would think that, by 2015, governments would have enacted a global treaty covering medical travelers who might experience malpractice abroad, but so far, the only entities that have stepped up to provide medical travelers with relief are insurance companies.

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